If you own a small business, whether an online company or brick-and-mortar type enterprise, there are some unique survival techniques that can help you in any kind of economy. The key thing for owners to remember is that most help is only an Internet search away. In other words, whatever you need to get over a challenge, you can almost invariably find answers without leaving home.

Owners of small businesses, particularly sole proprietorships, often feel as though they can’t do everything needed to earn a consistent profit, don’t have the financial resources to maintain enough for-sale goods in an accessible location, or aren’t sure how to attract customers to their main websites. There’s no reason to let those obstacles slow you down. In fact, small biz entrepreneurs have been dealing with these issues for a long time and overcoming them with minimal expense and hassle. Here are some of the low-cost, easy-access solutions for anyone who runs their own small company.


No one can do it all, and if you try to cover all the bases, there’s a good chance you’ll spread yourself too thin and end up missing key tasks. For essential chores like tax filing, social media advertising, cyber security, and legal advice, consider outsourcing. It’s usually possible to find what you need by searching for tax prep services, IT help, and other kinds of niche help online. That way, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best and not waste precious hours filing taxes or researching common legal questions.

Take Out Payday Loans

When you are your only employee and revenue from clients is staggered, seasonal, or otherwise erratic, you’ll possibly find yourself in a position to look at ThinkSaveRetire to find the best online lenders to take out a payday loan to get over a dry spell. This is a wise strategy as long as you can substantiate a history of income from either your own sources or if you currently hold a part-time job as financial backup. The beauty of payday loans is that the money is there exactly when you need it and you can repay the balance from future revenue.

Use SEO Content

Want to drive customers to your site? Consider posting guest articles on relevant, and related topics on large, busy blogs in your industry. Perhaps you make and sell custom jewelry and want to attract potential buyers to your website. Consider placing a guest piece on a high-visibility blog that deals with unique, homemade personal items. Readers will see your personal link and short bio at the end of the piece and head to your site if they want to learn more about what you have to offer.

Join Affiliate Programs

Many entrepreneurs beef up their profits by joining affiliate programs. Sometimes all it takes is to place a small ad on your company website that gives you credit for any sales derived from that particular link. If you sell tee-shirts, for example, you might join an affiliate program that offers other summer clothing items like hats, sandals, shorts, and sunglasses. When customers purchase shirts, they’re often hunting for similar casual items, which is why you need to find an affiliate program that makes sense based on your own line of goods or services.