These last few months have been tough on most of us. Pretty much everyone had to change their daily habits, whether it was self-isolating or working from home. Lots of business owners have also hit a rough patch, for instance, when they had to close their offices or stores. On the other hand, lots of online webshops have also sold more than they ever had before. When people couldn’t go to the store, they just had everything delivered to their door. And we’re not just talking about groceries, disinfectants and masks; people also shopped new garden furniture and other big things. In this article, we discuss 4 products that have surprisingly seen their sales going through the roof! 

1. All kinds of hair dyes

Ever seen a woman after a break-up that suddenly had a different hair color? Crazy times often make us ready to experiment. Whether lots of people thought “this is the time to try pink hair” or just decided to try and color their hair themselves when the salons were closed, we’ll never know. What we do know is that the sales of hair dyes spiked. Did you also get your hair dyed during quarantine? 

2. Jacuzzi’s

During quarantine, many people were stuck at home 24/7 with almost no way to relax. It shouldn’t surprise you that a lot of people pulled the trigger and bought a jacuzzi so they could relax in the hot, bubbling water during this crazy time! Fonteyn Spa’s, the biggest retailer of jacuzzis and hot tubs in the Netherlands, noticed a huge spike in sales. From Bestway jacuzzi’s to big jacuzzis for the whole family, such as a 6-person jacuzzi (Dutch: jacuzzi 6 personen), all models were flying off the shelves for this retailer. 

3. Home improvement products

If you’re stuck at home, you’re more easily getting annoyed at for instance a leaky tap that you’ve put on your long to-fix list ages ago. Combine small annoyances with the free time a lot of people had, and it’s no surprise many people decided to get down to business and improve some parts of their home. During this time, many products saw a huge spike in sales, from gardening products to tools. 

4. At-home workout products

Some people enjoyed staying in their pjs for weeks, knowing that no one would see them anyway. Others were counting the days until they can go work out in their favorite gym again. The latter turned towards the internet and bought all kinds of products to work out at home. Top sellers were resistance bands and small weights. 


Have you bought any of these products in the last few months?