If you are a fan of the series and movies that Netflix from the US offers you, you should know how to watch it in Portugal. This streaming server is phenomenal, and with it, you can entertain yourself at home under the best programming. Find out if you can watch Netflix in Portuguese and why not everyone can watch the North American broadcast.

Can I watch Netflix in Portuguese?

You can stream a portion of Netflix content in the US with Portuguese subtitles, but it is very limited. For this language, movies and series are few, but you can be distracted for a moment with their live broadcast. You can add US Netflix series with Portuguese subtitles to your favorites list.

Why Can’t Everyone Watch US Netflix?

The reason you cannot watch US Netflix while you are in Portugal is because of IP blocks. You may experience some geoblocks from being outside of North America while using the streaming server.

To watch US Netflix from Portugal, you need to use a private network that hides your IP address. VPNs are useful for changing your IP address for the region and passing it on to a North American one that you can view at home.

How To Watch American Netflix (US) In Portugal?

You can only watch US Netflix from Portugal with a single method, and it is using private networks you only have to comply with:

  • You have to choose a private network by hiring that gives you access to US Netflix.
  • You must contract, download and install the quality private network such as ExpressVPN or others you will find online.
  • When you have the VPN downloaded, you must start it in your Chrome browser, Firefox, or mobile device.
  • You have to enter an IP address within the United States to access the streaming server.
  • You will need to register for US Netflix, pay the subscription, and so you can start watching the best series and movies.

They are basic steps to watch American Netflix in Portugal without being blocked by IP address. You have to keep the private network active not to lose the live broadcast and thus enjoy your movies. You have to hire a good VPN that promises you stability in connection, IP update, military encryption, and guarantees on your money. according to  forprivacy.org

  • Reasons why you should watch American Netflix in Portugal

There are many reasons why you should watch US Netflix in Portugal and among them are:

– Variety in movies

You will have a good variety of movies on US Netflix that national television does not offer you. If you want to have a better movie-watching experience, you can put the TV aside and join Netflix. Even if you are in Portugal, you can still enjoy these streaming servers by hiding your IP.

– Non-stop streams

Something that attracts US Netflix is ​​that you can watch movies and series without any pause. You could enjoy a full Game of Thrones marathon from Portugal just by using these VPNs. With these non-stop transmissions, you will have a very comfortable moment while watching Netflix on your PC or mobile.

– Linkable with firestick

If you want maximum comfort in television, you will need to invest some money in a Fire Stick to watch Netflix. These devices connect or link to your SmarTV television, which in turn connects your mobile or computer. Everything you put on your device will be displayed on the TV, so your Netflix streaming will be good.

Some SmarTV televisions feature standalone technology where you won’t have to buy Fire Stick. For you to be able to connect with US Netflix using SmarTV, you only have to contract a VPN. The process to put US Netflix to work with your next-generation television is the same as any other device.

– Very low subscription

If you compare the costs of the US Netflix subscription and the VPN contract with TV in Portugal, it turns out to be very low. You can save a lot of money with these services that not everyone in your community will have. You can be the center of attention in your home by being one of the few people who enjoy US Netflix in Portugal.

You must now use the American Netflix services in Portugal to have a better television experience. Invest in your comfort and in a wide selection of new movies that only US Netflix has.

• Advantages of the US Netflix live broadcast in Portugal

Now that you know why you should watch US Netflix in Portugal, you need to know what advantages it can give you. Netflix has gained a lot of popularity over the years, offering you incredible streaming with advantages such as:

– Content in the national language

You will be able to enjoy the best content in the national language if US Netflix has it for you. In the worst case of live streaming, you will only watch movies in English with Portuguese subtitles. Some American Netflix movies or series are 100% from Portugal for you to watch now.

– Collection of national films and series

With US Netflix, you can watch a collection of national series and movies for a low subscription. The streaming server has American but also foreign content that you can watch whenever you want. You will see how these people from your country act and even some filming may have been but within the region.

– You will have a wide selection of foreign series

If you want to renew your series with US Netflix, you can enjoy high-fidelity foreign content. You can see great series like wick, euphoria, lucifer, Dark, and other options on the North American platform. You can have a complete marathon with these foreign series that will catch you from its first chapter.

– Content renewable throughout the year

All US Netflix content is updated throughout the year, so you always have to watch. You can watch new movies, series, shows, and other things as a US Netflix user. You should not miss out on the best category in series and movies that only Netflix can give you online.


You have to know what steps you must follow to watch US Netflix while you are in Portugal. Find out how good Netflix streaming is in the US using a VPN and how you can watch content in Portuguese. If you intend to see the best in television content, you must subscribe to Netflix in the United States.

The use of private networks in the streaming servers is excellent, and you can apply it to Netflix from the US. You do not need to be within the United States to watch series and movies because you will use a VPN. Private networks allow you to adopt a fake North American IP address to have access to Netflix.