Did you ever want to become a massage therapist, but you had no clue what to do or even where to start? Don’t worry, after reading this, you’ll be put out of your misery. Here are five steps to become a massage therapist:

  • Complete a massage therapy program – if you want to become a massage therapist, you need to complete either a diploma degree or a certificate from an accredited school that was approved by the state.
  • Complete practical requirements – in this job field, work experience is sometimes more important than education; you can complete by, for example, getting an internship, but remember that every state has its own regulations about how many hours you need to complete
  • Pass the licensing exam – after you complete your education, you need to pass the licensing exam; what type of exam you’ll need to pass depends on your school and state that you live/study in
  • Apply for a state license – to get a license you need to apply and provide proof that you met the requirements; you can find information about which documents you will need on the internet
  • Complete a certification – not mandatory, but it can make the process of getting a license easier; you earn it by completing a certain amount of hours and passing an examination;

become a massage therapist

So as you can see, what it takes to become a massage therapist is hard work and determination to study. If you have any doubts if it’s worth it, you can check out the infographic.