How to Boost your Website’s SEO Without Adding New Content

The most convenient way to rank high in SEO is obviously to have content added periodically. Fresh contents push your rankings up on the search engines making your website a hot commodity.

Posting new content every month or so is not feasible for many of the websites or companies. The reasons behind this are different for every site., but typically they range from marketing to legal issues.

Whatever it may be, it is quite possible to stamp your presence on the search engines’ radar without new content. Some clever ways to do so are:


  1. Make the best of what you have.

If you cannot add new content every week, make the existing content count. The idea is to optimize the existing content to the max. These include:

  • Identify the keywords and incorporate them naturally throughout the text. If you find it difficult or decide to stay on top of the SEO game, make use of a tool such as Keyword Planner from Google. It is particularly beneficial since the birth of Hummingbird in Google’s search algorithm.
  • Employ meta tags to allow the search engines to distinguish your page’s content. Sometimes the most basic tactics turn out to be the most powerful.
  • Make your title tags as intriguing as possible. It is a fool-proof way to increase the number of click-rate.
  • Choose the most appropriate alt text for the images you use besides the text.
  • Use links, bulleted and numbered list as well as headings. It allows the potential reader to scan the content more easily.
  • Delete contents that are of substandard quality or a duplicate. Crawler bots tend to skim over low-quality content while performing the search for information. Be as objective and critical as possible while engaging in this selection.


  1. Update your profile.

Although a huge chunk of businesses are active and operate online, your business’s profile and NAP information are worth a lot when it comes to SEO. Some individuals and business establishments may want to get in touch through phone calls or the postal services. The idea of a legit brick and mortar office still boosts the confidence of people.

Apart from listing the name, address and phone number, it also helps to include a photograph to the profile. Another excellent SEO traffic magnet is to put your business on Google Maps. You can do so by verifying your business in ‘Google My Business.’ It is also a great way to generate additional backlink from your viewers.


  1. Make your site mobile friendly and responsive.

Whether we realize it or not, the age of Smartphone and tablets is here to stay. The strategy and the overall layout of your site should be as responsive as it is on mobiles as it is on computers. Limiting your site access to laptops and desktops will seriously lower your SEO leverage.

It can be particularly hurting now that Google has made an official announcement to update its search algorithm to be more mobile friendly. Take an example from a pioneering website, EvolvRank. Their website is responsive and works seamlessly on all mobile and desktop devices.  A responsive site like theirs will draw more visitors, and the number of visitors can make or break your website and ultimately, your business.


  1. Encourage and solicit positive reviews.

Reviews feature high on Google’s search algorithm, especially those which indicate credible information about the business. Positive and honest discussions can convert a skeptic or a casual browser into a buyer.

Always make it a point to encourage buyers to leave their reviews. Although the majority of them will not bother, the few that do so will enhance your credibility.  You can always select the stellar reviews and display them on your website. Another way to advertise your business subtly is to add the reviews to business listings such as SuperPages, Yelp and Foursquare among others.


  1. Take advantage of social media.

Many people, especially the older ones, have an ambivalent relationship with social media. But there is no denying its invasive nature – both positively and negatively. The right exposure can make anyone a millionaire overnight.

Social media is a great platform to advertise your business and direct traffic to it. This is literally an un-mined SEO treasure. Millions of people stay connected on social media every hour of the day. There is no reason to go all out on the entire platforms and spread yourself thin. Gauge your presence in any of the apps. It may be Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. But you know your audience.

The purpose is to keep them engaged and direct them to your website. The smartest thing to do is use visual and pictorial updates with fewer texts while on social media.



Increasing the SEO rankings is quite achievable if you know to leverage your current assets. Employ some basic SEO tactics and hire a professional web developer if you find that formatting is out of your league.

Crawler bot-friendly websites are not only the ones with fresh contents. In a bottomless pit of information and opportunities such as the internet, there is a place for everyone. You only have to make smart SEO choices.