It’s fun to go to the movies every once in a while. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people don’t feel comfortable enough to go to the cinema. Today, fortunately, there are many opportunities to build your own home cinema. And really, there’s nothing like bringing the power of cinema to your own living room. In this article, we tell you how to build your own home cinema. 

Video streaming service

Are you planning on watching a movie at your place this Friday? Then you obviously need a fun (or scary) movie. Nowadays you don’t need to go to the local video store anymore to pick a movie. For a few dollars per month, you can simply join a video streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+. Nice to know is that these services give you recommendations for movies based on your search history. This makes picking out your next movie way easier. 

Large TV

If you want the real cinema-experience, a large TV and good sound system is highly recommended. But a large TV will never be able to outperform the cinema. However, with a beamer and projection screen (Dutch: projectiescherm), you’ll get the same quality reproduction as you enjoy in the cinema. Beamers come in all shapes and sizes. Do you have a small living room? Then you can still enjoy a large image with a special ‘short throw beamer’ or a mini beamer. The latter is also easy to carry around!

A cosy place

You probably don’t have any big cinema sofas in your living room, but for a good movie-night a nice and comfortable chair is definitely a necessity. If you don’t have a comfortable couch or lazy chair, you can also put some soft blankets and pillows on the floor. Pillows are also handy to hide behind if the movie gets too scary. 

Drinks and nibbles

Are you organising a movie-night at your place? Then make sure to have some yummy snacks and refreshments for your friends! If you want some real ‘cinema-food’, you should definitely buy some popcorn and M&M’s. Nacho’s are also a good fit. If you have planned a romantic movie night with your partner (or partner to be), a nice wine or champagne is also an option. Store the wine in your own built-in wine climate cabinet (Dutch: inbouw wijnklimaatkast) so you can always enjoy the wine at the right temperature. 


Create the perfect night out in your own living room by building a home cinema. It’s lots of fun!