How To Buy Black Beans Online

As we become more conscious of our impact on the environment, our eating habits have started to change. Now more mindful of how food production can impact the land, many of us are taking steps to decrease our ecological footprint. This has led many of us to explore the worlds of vegetarianism and veganism as we try to be more accountable for what we consume. But while we have decreased our intake of animal products, particularly meat, we still need to get our nutrients and protein from somewhere. Enter: the black bean.

While black beans have always been a grocery store staple, they are increasingly gaining in popularity in Western culture as people begin to be more creative in the way they are eating. Meanwhile, the black bean has long established itself as an essential ingredient in many South American dishes. With so much hype surrounding such a food, it’s a miracle it’s ever in stock! But what if you prefer to do your shopping online? Is there a way to buy black beans online? Let’s take a look!


What are black beans?

Perhaps you are more familiar with the kidney bean! Black beans are actually one of the 500 different types of kidney beans available around the world. They are about the size of an oblong pea, up to a ½ inch long, with a slightly less pronounced curve to their shape than the common kidney bean. As the name suggests, black beans have a black exterior, but do have a white interior. Once cooked, black beans have a creamy texture accompanied by a strong, slightly sweet flavour.

While black beans are a type of kidney bean, there are actually subsets of black beans as well. Among the most popular are Black Turtle, Domino, Black Magic, Blackhawk, Candor, and Raven beans.


How do you buy black beans online?

Web Search

The first way may seem fairly obvious, but doing a Google search of black beans online is a great place to start. This will provide you with a few major sellers and allow you to start exploring your options. However, the main obstacle that you may encounter by having such a simple search phrase is the prevalent advertisement of larger chains, such as Amazon or Wal-mart. While there’s nothing wrong with turning to one of these providers, the chances are fairly high that you’re looking for a more curated selection if you’re taking the time to read this article.

Therefore, adding more specific details into your Google search, such as “Canada” or “organic,” may provide you with options that better appeal to you.

Web Blogs

For those looking for a black bean company that can be trusted, consider turning to web blogs that focus on organic eating. Blogs are a great place for people with similar interests to gather, so discovering organic companies through word of mouth– or rather, written reviews– is a perfect way to create a shortlist of potential places to look.

Organic Brands

You may not know it, but you may actually be familiar with companies that sell black beans online already! Millers rarely just focus on one item, so if you have a favourite brand when it comes to your grains, flours, seeds, or even other types of beans, consider starting there! Their online catalogue will be able to show you whether they have what you’re looking for or not.

Farmers’ Markets

Checking out farmers’ markets is an excellent way to discover new local companies. While they rarely display every product they sell at a small market booth, you can quickly establish whether a company may carry what you’re looking for online. They will be more than happy to discuss their inventory with you and show you where you can find their online catalogue, allowing you to search and purchase black beans on your own time.

Top view of a brown bowl filled with black beans shot on rustic wood table. A wooden spoon is beside the bowl with some beans on it. DSRL studio photo taken with Canon EOS 5D Mk II and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM

Why Should You Buy Black Beans Online?

When you buy black beans online, you are better able to explore the company you are supporting. Organic millers, in particular, often rely on online sales to be successful, as they aren’t always guaranteed shelf space in a large supermarket chain. This is a shame, as the practices that organic farmers and millers keep are far more ethical and environmentally friendly than many large name brands. Organic farming rebuilds soil health by rotating crops to ensure the land is not being overworked while also avoiding the use of pesticides. This, in turn, stops harmful chemicals from trickling into our water supply and polluting it. Organic farming also results in greater biodiversity and releases fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to feeling good about supporting a company that strives to make a difference, you are also granted a wider variety of black beans to choose from when buying online. Instead of being restricted to what’s available on the shelf, you can browse from dozens of different options and read up on each one. As well, if you have any questions about the product, you can directly contact the seller, as their contact information will likely just be at the bottom of the page. This can allow you to build a relationship with your black bean provider, thus allowing you to build custom orders and get creative with the amount of product you need.

The final reason why you should buy black beans online is the simple convenience that comes with it. Instead of dragging yourself to the store, you can anticipate an order of black beans arriving directly at your door. Plus, if you create a scheduled order, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of your favourite ingredient ever again. This means that the hardest part of this entire process is simply choosing the kind of black bean you want. But by buying them online, you are guaranteed to find feedback, reviews, and assistance to help you make the decision that makes the most sense for you.


Buying black beans online is a simple, straightforward process, so why wait?