With the increasing population, the large ventilated homes are getting converted into small-sized flats. If we do not have the Kitchen Chimney, as an exhaust in our kitchens, it can convert the whole house in suffocating stations.

It can be tough to breathe in that condition. There would be no outlet for the smoke accumulated in the kitchen due to cooking. It is where the Kitchen Chimney is helpful.


What is Kitchen Chimney?

Kitchen Chimney is the modern kitchen appliance that brings help to absorb the fumes and smoke from your kitchen.

This kitchen appliance keeps your kitchen clean, hygienic, free from oil accumulation, and also free from smoke.

It is designed to add a modern look, style, and decor to your home. Apart from that, it performs several essential functions too. So, you shall select your kitchen chimney very precisely.


Buying Guide For Kitchen Chimney:

If you have not used a Kitchen Chimney yet, and you are a first time user, you must check for the following traits in a chimney.

  • Know the suction power of the chimney.
  • Size of the chimney must be accurate to fit into your kitchen.
  • The filter type of chimney shall be best for your cooking habits.
  • Research and analyse the best types of available kitchen chimney ; select the appropriate one as per your customised kitchen use.
  • You should also be selective for the design of the chimney. While buying you should check if it blends well with your kitchen and its furniture.
  • One of the other essentials while purchasing the kitchen chimney is the care and maintenance required for the appliance. You will have to check if you can manage the necessary support or not.
  • If you are looking for a long term kitchen appliance, then you must check for the guarantee or warranty of the product too. You cannot spend on high-end appliances without knowing its life.


Depending on different factors, here are a few selection points for the Type of Chimney in Kitchen.


  • Wall-Mounted Chimney:

It is one of the most suitable types of chimneys used so far and is convenient for the standard build of kitchens. Wall-mounted Chimney is installed right on the top of the stove, for the exhaustion of heat generated while cooking. If you think economically, most of these designs are budget-friendly.

There are multiple designs available in this category so that you can select as per your preferred colour choice and outlook.


  • DownDraft Chimney:

If you are in search of an exclusive high-rated design for your kitchen, then you must select DownDraft Chimney. This type of Kitchen Chimney does not hamper your kitchen interiors. It is a remote-operated device. You can switch it on whenever you are cooking; it will drop down from the ceiling. Once not in use, it retracts back to the limit.


  • Island Chimney:

Island Chimney is a chimney that does not require any support from the wall. It is a preferred type of fireplace when you have a cooking set up in the middle of the room, and not connected to the walls.

This type of chimney can be easily fitted through the ceiling. However, Island Chimneys require ducts for effective performance. It is comparatively more expensive than wall-mounted Kitchen Chimney.


  • Auto-Clean Chimney:

Cleaning of chimneys can be a hectic task if there is no proper exhaust set up in the kitchen. So, the oil particles get accumulated all over the outer layer and the inner filters.

In case you are looking for hassle-free cleaning, and the price of the appliance is not a concern, then Auto-Clean Chimney is the best.

The function of an auto-clean chimney pushes all the oil to a bowl and does not allow blockage in the filters. You simply have to clean that oil bowl once a month. The small maintenance requirement will make your appliance performance effective and long-lasting.


  • Built-in Chimney:

Built-in Chimney, popularly known as an integrated chimney, is one of the most useful kitchen appliances. It provides all the functions of the stack without hampering a single purpose for its installation.

Built-in chimneys are mounted just below the kitchen cabinets and are most-suitable from every perspective.

The suction power of the equipment is excellent, and it provides an effective exit to all the absorbents. You will never feel suffocating fumes and smoke in your kitchen if Built-in chimney is installed. This device is worth its money.


In a Nutshell

In the blog above, you can find all the essential tips to buy a kitchen chimney. If you are looking for a new purchase or replacement of an old-school model; read them to make the right decision.

It is not a standard appliance that can be installed or removed frequently. So, be wise and do complete research while you make any purchase.