Selling products to the general public can be very lucrative. With all of the different products on the market, you will have to work hard to attract attention from consumers. One of the first things a consumer will notice about your products is the packaging it comes in. Some business owners fail to realize just how problematic a bad packaging design can be. Because of the importance the entire packaging strategy represents, companies like Zenpack deliver end-to-end services to manage everything from packaging design to production, giving you expert advice and peace of mind in this process.

Approximately 73% of American consumers claim that product packaging design is something they consider before making a purchase. If you are in the process of trying to design the right packaging for your product, consider the great tips below.

Honesty is the Best Policy

The text on your product packaging should inform and entertain consumers. One of the main mistakes inexperienced business owners make with their packaging is making untrue and outrageous claims about their products. While this may seem like a great way to attract attention, this level of dishonesty will actually drive customers away. This is why you need to be as honest as possible about your product when describing what it does on the packaging.

Instead of listing technical details about the product in question, you need to focus more on telling consumers how it will benefit them. By doing this, you can establish an emotional connection with the reader.

With this connection, you can increase the chances of a person actually buying your product. Companies like Deepking are masters at creating engaging and appealing product packaging. Investing in custom product packaging by Deepking can help you increase your company’s visibility and your bottom line.

Target Your Core Demographic with Your Packaging Design

Before you start designing your new product packaging, take some time to gather some important information. Making sure your new design appeals to your core demographic is imperative. Finding this information will require you to take a look at your competitor’s packaging. While drawing inspiration from a competitor’s packaging design is acceptable, you need to avoid directly copying it.

Working with an experienced graphic designer is also a great way to find out more about current product packaging trends and how you can use them. Trying to design product packaging without the assistance of knowledgeable professionals can lead to lots of mistakes being made. Paying for this professional help is worth it considering the results a graphic designer can provide.

Select the Right Fonts and Colors

The small details of your product packaging can make a big difference regarding how well it is received. As you start to iron out the details of your new design, you need to consider the colors and fonts you will use. The right colors can help to enhance the beauty of your packaging and make it stand out on the shelf. Ideally, you want to choose colors that are represented in your company logo. Doing this can help you reinforce your brand image and make your logo more recognizable.

The type of font used for the text on your packaging is also important. If the font is hard to read, then your message will be lost on consumers. In most cases, you need to develop a few product packaging options and let a focus group give you feedback. This feedback allows you to optimize your packaging for success. The more you know about consumers and their sensibilities, the easier it will be to hit a home run with your new product packaging.

Let the Design Process Begin!

Taking the tips in this article and using them can help you have success with your new product packaging. Allowing professionals to help during this design process is also wise.