Getting the answers to your shipping, delivery and returns information can get easier after contacting the Amazon customer support service. Popular for being the second largest private employer, Amazon has been running successfully for over a decade and is known for having a highly trained team of marketers, salesmen and customer support agents. This multinational technology company mainly focuses on cloud computing, ecommerce and digital streaming. The company is currently entertaining over a million customers from across the globe through its well spread network of cloud computing and specialized agents.

What do they offer

Besides form the customer support facility, all customers can also use the Amazon live chat service. A large number of agents are always readily available to answer your questions via virtual chat. The system is fast and updates every other hour for generating the best performance. With the help of the chat service, you can keep doing whatever you’re doing and still manage to discuss your queries with the trained staff members at Amazon. The live chat service gives you ample time to share your views and reviews with the agent in the best possible way.

You can always send an email

If you have a busy schedule and find it hard to talk on the phone or via live chat, you can always send in a well thought email and discuss all your problems in detail. This service is specially designed for people with hectic lifestyles. All those that are concerned about the duration of the email reply time should know that the highly trained staff members at Amazon are always readily available and trained to reply to hundreds of emails on a daily basis. Whatever type of issue you have, you can easily discuss it in detail and get your reply in good time.

Use the customer support service   

If you’re wishing to receive immediate response in no time, you can always use the customer support service. The customer service department is the best way to get your answers about orders, shipping and returns and anything related to your account. Whether you need to modify your order or update your account, you can always get help from the trained staff members at Amazon. By calling Amazon Customer Service Number, you can get the customer support services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The agents at Amazon are trained for this job and always try their best to provide the customers with the best after sales services.


Amazon has a huge network of agents that are divided in three categories, Email, chat and customer support. These highly trained company representatives are always there at your service answering your queries and solving your problems in the best possible way. The agents have the stamina and the patience to listen to your issues in detail and guide you accordingly. If you have ordered something from Amazon and are looking for assistance, you can always contact the Amazon network and get answers for your questions.