How to create a warm atmosphere in your room during the wintertime?

1. Print Holiday Photos

Surely you still have not disassembled them. So, hopeless winter evenings are the best time to tackle this important task: to choose the most worthy of ten identical shots, delete blurry shots, review the video, and smile at the memories. Print the best shots to create a memory wall somewhere in a conspicuous place.

Or you can even make photo frames by yourself and it will add authenticity to the room. On this site you can find some interesting variants of the homemade frames.

You will be surprised at the effect: it will be enough to cast a glance at the photo to hear the lazy rustle of the wave, to be saturated with the lush green of a palm leaf, to remember how hot sand feels like afoot.


2. Free the Window

Daylight in the winter ends quickly. Hurry up to catch sunlight – even the most modest one, timidly seeping through dense clouds. To do this, leave only night curtains on the ledge, and hide the tulle until better times – let it replace the Roman curtain, which does not steal the already scarce light.

The window sill will finally be free, and you will be able to organize a small “installation” on it: arrange books and all kinds of decorative things that are pleasant to the heart, and if depth allows, arrange a reading corner with cozy pillows.


3. Get Glass Cloches for Decor

This dish is not only good for displaying desserts. Cloches are ideal for home exhibitions, and in winter they generally look special and full of magic.Buy cloches of different sizes and heights. For the filling, everything that will please you and will fit. 


4. Add lights

When choosing and arranging candles, always keep in mind the overall picture. A good solution is to collect candles in groups of five, varying their thickness and height for a visual rhythm. When you light this composition, the illusion of a real fireplace will appear – they crackle slightly.

Choose candlesticks made in the same style, but of different sizes: this is the same story about rhythm, thanks to which the room pulsates with trembling vibrant energy.

You can read this article that will tell you more about candles and will help you find the best one for you.

Tip: Add some sand to the bottom of the glass jar or flask. Alternatively, you can use small pebbles. This will make the decor fireproof.


5.Organize a Minibar in the Living Room

Let everything that is needed for evening gatherings be collected in one place and beautiful dishes. Have tea-pot, a French press, bowls, tiny coffee cups, milk jug, sugar, tea leaves, honey, syrups, jam, lemon, a bowl of cookies and sweets at the ready.

Now you do not have to run back and forth to the kitchen, destroying the warm circle with a draft of fuss.

You will immediately feel how a magical sensation will form around the minibar, comparable only to when people gather at the fire. You can create this “bonfire” at least for the holidays when the doors are wide open to appreciate its strength. Well, there, you look, extend the “burning” for the whole winter.


6. Add “warm” Materials to the Interior

Firstly, the wood will be perfect. In winter, we have less contact with wildlife: hugging snow-covered trees is still extreme. To compensate for this shortage, use the wood in all its manifestations, be it a vine, bark, polished board under a layer of varnish, or even a whole slab.

A variety of textures is welcome. Feel free to place a wicker basket for sweets on a slab table, combine burnt, and patinated wood. You see a vase, which is composed of wood of different species – take it without thinking.

Let the wood become a peculiar attribute of winter for you: replace the usual things from glass and stone with wooden ones, while frost is raging outside the window – and you will switch yourself into a saving mode of energy conservation.

Also, wood furniture will be a good decision. Solid wood chair or maybe bed will add coziness to the room, here you can find some.