How to Create a WordPress Site?

Thinking of starting your own WordPress website? Don’t know where to start? In today’s digital age, having a website is crucial for the success of any business, whether small or large. Building a website can prove to be terrifying if you are not tech-savvy.

Let’s take a look at some statistics. According to a report, 81% of people search for the business on the internet before buying a product or service. This means that 25.92 million people search for business online. However, 46% of the business owner mentioned that they don’t need a website. This is a huge mistake as they will be missing out on potential clients.

Looking for a website builder? WordPress, one of the most powerful website builders. Using it is easy and flexible; everyone can use it. This is one of the reasons why it has grown in popularity rapidly.

Don’t know how to use? Having trouble creating a website? Don’t worry; in this post, we have mentioned a step by step guide to help you create a WordPress website.


Let’s get started!


Step 1: Setting Up

The first thing to do is to decide a website platform. In your case, it is WordPress. Since it free to download, anyone can create website without any imitation. The next thing is buying the domain name and hosting.

Well, everyone knows a domain name is imperative for websites as it will the address of your website on the internet. Usually, a domain name costs $14.99 per year. Another thing you will need is reliable yet fast website hosting service. In simple words, website hosting is the home of your website on the internet. It might cost $7.99 per month.

This can be confusing and challenging for beginners. To make it easy, Bluehost can be used. It is one of the leading hosting companies in the world. This company offers free domain names and almost 60% off on web hosting.

For buying a domain name and web hosting, you have to go to the website of Bluehost. Then, click on the button “Get Started Now”. You will be taken to the Select Your Plan page where you will have to choose a pricing plan.

Once you have picked out the pricing plan, you will have to choose a domain name. When deciding the domain name, you should keep somethings on your mind like:

  • Stick with .com name
  • Must be easy to remember
  • It has to be related to your business
  • Easy to pronounce and spell

After you have decided on the domain name, the next step will be providing your account information like name, address, email, etc. Once the payment information is provided and your purchase is completed, you will get an email with detail on how to use web hosting control panel. It is the dashboard from where you will handle everything.


Step 2: Installing WordPress

There are numerous icons that you can use; however, you will not be using most of these icons. The only icon you need to install WordPress. You will see the Bluehost Marketplace Quick install screen. Click on the button “Get Started”. Then, you must select the domain name where you want to install WordPress.

Once you have selected the domain name from the dropdown menu and click on Next. You will have to enter the website name, username, and password. While WordPress is installing, you can install the templates of websites.

After the installation is complete, you can log in to your WordPress site.


Step 3: Choosing a Theme

One of the most important factors in a website is the visual appearance. The WordPress website is controlled by the WordPress theme. These are professionally designed templates that you can easily change the appearance of the website.


Step 4: Adding Content

When it comes to adding content to your website, there are content types called pages and posts. Pages are supposed to be static, one-off type content like contact page, about page, or privacy policy. On the other hand, the posts are part of blogs, the newer items are displayed first. You can add new pages whenever you want.


Step 5: Customizing Your Website

The next step would be customizing your content and having it in a presentable form. You can change the font size, the tagline and site title, and you can even set up comment settings.

Another thing that you need to set up is navigation menus. This will allow users to browse different pages and sections. WordPress is available with a powerful navigation menu system. The WordPress theme utilizes the system to display menus.

Additionally, you can even customize the widgets as well. The widget is a small block of content that will be displayed in various places across the website. Mostly, these blocks are placed at the side of the website or at the footer of the website. You can easily add and remove any widget that you like. For instance, you can add widgets of categories, recent posts, archives, etc.


Step 6: Installing Plug-ins

The last step is adding plugins for your WordPress site. This will allow you to add features to your WordPress websites like photo galleries or contact form. There are plenty of plugins that you can install. You can choose the ones you like the most or need. For instance, you can install plugins like:

  • Updraft Plus- a security plugin
  • MonsterInsights- features plugin
  • WPForms Lite- features plugin
  • Yoast SEO- website optimization
  • WP Super Cache- website optimization

Therefore, many people resist having a website because of various reasons. Some might say they are not tech-savvy; some might consider them too expensive, or they don’t need because they have enough business. Fortunately, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to create a website. Still, having difficulty in creating a WordPress website? You can get a professional to help you build a website. This will not only be simple but cheap and easy for everyone. Hire an excellent website support and create a functional website.