Buying a new mattress sometimes presents a problem. What do you do with your old, worn-out mattress?

You could try to donate it or even sell it, but that is seldom a good idea. Older mattresses become worn out and uncomfortable. Over time, they can lose their support, which often leads to aches, pains, and sometimes serious back problems. In addition to the structure of the mattress is the issue of hygiene. After years of use, your old mattress can become trapped with germs and bacteria that may be harmful.

If the mattress is relatively new but needs to be replaced because it is no longer a good fit, donating can be a good option. Contact local thrift stores or call the Calgary Drop-In

Centre to learn what guidelines they have for accepting new mattresses. For places like this, you will probably need to find a way to get the mattress delivered to them. Few thrift stores and donation centers have trucks that can be used to pick up large items from residential homes.

If you cannot donate your mattress, you will need to find a way to dispose of it. The question of how is one that appears again and again when people are shopping for replacements mattresses.

To dispose of mattresses Calgary residents have few options. Garbage collectors who work for the city of Calgary will not pick up large furniture items, including mattresses. You will have to take the mattress to the landfill yourself. You will need to move it and pay the fee. There is no specific fee at Calgary landfills for disposing of mattresses. The landfill charges by the tonne, with a minimum fee of $25.

The easiest way to rid yourself of an unwanted mattress is to buy a new one from a furniture store or mattress company that offers removal of old mattresses as part of their services. When shopping for mattresses Calgary residents should ask the shop if they can remove old mattresses and if they charge an additional fee for this service. This is the best option for most people. You will not damage your property while moving a heavy, bulky mattress through your home. You won’t strain any muscles while trying to lift the large mattress from your bed and load it into a truck or van. You won’t need to rent or borrow a large vehicle to transport the mattress, and you won’t have to pay the landfill fee.

One of the best reasons to use a mattress company that hauls your old mattress for you is that you will not have to be without a mattress on your bed for any length of time. Conversely, if the new mattress arrives before you can get rid of the old one, you won’t have to find a place to store the mattress you plan to throw away until you have time to go to the landfill. The movers will deliver your new mattress and remove the old one at the same time.

If you are outside of Calgary, many of these rules still apply. Few cities offer to haul away large items as part of their regular refuse collection routine. Some may allow you to place mattresses in dumpsters or on curbs, but they will often charge additional fees for picking up over-sized items. You also have to manage to get the mattress to the curb on your own. While it is true that most cities have landfills or recycling centers that will accept mattresses, you will have the same struggles with removing the large item yourself. Your best option is almost always to find a mattress company or furniture store that will take care of the problem for you.