How to find a stroller suitable for travelling with a child?

Providing you are one of those parents whose schedule is constantly busy, you will certainly appreciate having a baby stroller that would allow you to take your child anywhere you are going. Such a travel system should be appropriate for a flight on board a plane while you are going on your vacation, as well as for being transported inside of your car trunk. Is there an ideal stroller that could be applicable to both active parents and their children?

Parents who travel often are not necessarily willing to leave their child with grandparents or nannies. If you are going to spend your holidays together or are just planning to enjoy a day on the country or visit your relatives, a compact stroller would be a perfect solution. We also make use of such a baby carriage anytime when we need to do some shopping with our child or to clamber up the ladder with a stroller. Have we succeeded in our search for a perfect baby carriage?

Like many other young parents, we have learnt a lot from our own mistakes. With a view to purchasing a good stroller for our baby, we have read lots of opinions of other parents, although we have constantly had a feeling that our child might be totally different from the children mentioned in all those comments, hence, we haven’t got to agree with  the ideas of those parents. Still, now, while looking at this issue through the prism of time and the necessity of purchasing one more stroller, I am sure, I should have been more attentive while reading the opinions of other parents. I should also consult different people and, above all, read reviews of strollers, for example, at website.

When choosing an ideal baby carriage, you shouldn’t think you will make do with some imperfections of this good as there are particular requirements that simply must be met for the stroller to be comfortable. It is especially true if you are a young mother and you do not want to lift anything heavier than your constantly growing baby. Despite the fact all carriages seem to be lightweight, this is only an illusion that turns into a harsh reality just at the moment when you feel your stroller with other baby’s necessities such as cloth nappies, bottles, food, drinks and so on. And, as far you know, the amount of those necessities is growing as fast as your child.

According to my experience, I can recommend you resigning from an idea of buying your stroller on the Internet without visiting any land-based shops where you can check any model you are interested in. You can purchase a stroller online that is quite likely to be cheaper than in land-based shops, yet, it would be wise to examine the one thoroughly in a shop beforehand.

No doubts, assuming you are a young mother, you might find the increasing weight of your child to be too much for lifting, let alone taking a rather heavy carriage with you. Since I myself had a cesarean section, lifting anything heavy except for a baby was strictly forbidden for me. Which model of a stroller was suitable under such circumstances?


An ideal stroller for active parents willing to travel with their child has to meet the following requirements:

  • It can’t be heavier than 7 or 8 kilograms;
  • A folded stroller should be small enough for transportation in your car’s trunk;
  • It should be pulled with ease, particularly on uneven surfaces;
  • The seat of a stroller ought to be transformable into an even surface which will allow your child to have a nap (this is especially crucial for babies);
  • A stroller should be suitable for the use of the accessories you need on a daily basis such as an umbrella or basket.

According to the rules regulating the products earmarked for small children, these items should be certified as being safe. Strollers are also under the category of such products. Usually, one can find information on certificates on special labels attached to a product. If you are not sure about the products safety or the reliability of its certificate, it would be wise to contact a manufacturer or a importer of the carriage.

Assuming you are going to buy a stroller, you should also check the basic accessories available for this model. The things you will certainly need is a mosquito net, special film that will protect your baby against rain as well as a mother’s bag. You ought to remember about a sleeping bag useful during a cold season as well as an umbrella with UV protection to be used during hot summer days. Last but not least, the process of purchasing a baby’s carriage is similar to purchasing a car. Pulling a stroller outside for several minutes would be a test drive.


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