In the west, our culture is currently moving towards a more accepting and open world. Identity politics have shown us that there are many different ways to live our lives, and each one of them is as valid as the next, so long as they do not infringe on the rights and freedoms of others. One particularly interesting area of acceptance is the plus-size beauty segment.

Whether it is an uncontrollable alignment, a personal statement or just a love of extra sweets, our society has many beautiful plus-sized people. And, as a group, we are more accepting of a few extra pounds than ever before. Still, in spite of this positive progress, there is still a surprising lack of available options for buying plus-sizes girls clothing boutique online.

There may be a few reasons to explain the sparsity of plus-size clothing. One of them is that it is hard to design clothing that fits larger bodies well and accentuates the natural curves. Another is that the market for this type of clothing is much smaller. A third possibility is that plus-sized clothing often fits into a specialty market, making it a popular choice with niche designers moreso.

Regardless of the reason for the lack of exciting and beautiful boutique clothing online for plus-sized people, there are still many great options for those looking to get items in larger sizes. Let’s look at some of the most popular ways to find plus-size clothing.


Boutique Clothing Stores

The best way to find boutique clothing online is with the help of a boutique clothing store, like Melrose & Co. These stores have limited selections of high-quality garments that can be for a variety of uses, from nights out on the town to relaxing on a restaurant patio. Plus, they make it easy to build a style of unique and interesting clothing for every season, from summer to winter.


Established Brands

Several brands cater specifically to the plus-sized market. On the men’s side is Mr. Big & Tall, which caters mostly to those looking to get a suit or other luxury clothing. On the women’s side, there are options like Le Chateau and Addition Elle. These brands make great clothing that is casual, business and everything in-between.

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Limited Runs/ Specialty Designer Brands

Many designers will make limited runs of plus-size boutique clothing online, and this is a great option for those looking to find rare and unique pieces of clothing. Similarly, many popular designers have begun to offer their own lines of plus-size clothing. Established brands like H&M and Old Navy now both offer women’s clothing likes that appeal specifically to plus-sized women.


DIY Clothing

Another great option for anyone looking to get plus-size clothing is to make it themselves. The mending, recreating and changing aspect of fashion is starting to gain attention around the world. Some say that the trend began in southeast Asian countries with the streetwear movement, but small boutiques, dressmakers and other fashion-lovers have known that there is more than one way to use a piece of clothing for as long as clothing has been around.

Repurposing our clothing can be a great way to make something old feel new again. Good examples of this mindset include patching or darning clothing with small repairs and hacking apart severely damaged clothing to create something new. This option is also sustainable and environmentally friendly, making it a great way to flex on your friends and family while also showing off your creativity.