How To Find The Perfect Music Studio

Are you looking to get into singing? Perhaps you know that you or a loved one has talent but you feel unsure how to make it come to life? How others can hear about your great gift? The good news is that there are tools out there. You can have the best headphones for the studio or so many different things to really make your voice sound as great as possible. There is more than just that though for the music studio. Keep reading as we talk about how to find the perfect music studio. 


If you’re at the point in your music career that you’re seeking out a music studio to record in, then congratulations! You’ve come to a heck of a long way! The time, energy and money you’ve expended up to this point, not to mention pouring your heart and soul into what you love, make this next step critical in your music journey. 


Chances are, along your musical path, you’ve encountered other musicians or have a friend of a friend that created an awesome sound studio in their basement or garage, fully equipped with a sound booth (aka plexiglass divider between two rooms), padding on the walls and ceiling, and just enough space to squeeze a five-piece band into, not necessarily comfortably. That’s where you first recorded a few covers and several songs you wrote, creating those treasured CDs that you proudly handed out to friends and fans at the local establishment where you play on the weekends. It may have cost you a couple of cases of beer and a tank of gas.


But you’ve grown past the garage days. Your name is getting out there in a larger radius and you’re starting to be taken seriously, as a real working musician. Suddenly the quality of those first CDs becomes almost embarrassing when asked for a sample of your work. It’s time to find a studio. And not just any studio…


You need the PERFECT recording studio to step up your game and take you to the next level.


You’re counting on this. Your bandmates are counting on this. Your career is counting on this. No longer content playing local bar gigs, you NEED studio time to elevate you to the musician you know you were created to be. Now to go about finding it. Start by asking yourself these questions…


What is this studio time riding on?

You want to create a CD to send to producers and try to get a big break? Or do you merely want to have a quality compilation of the songs you’ve been writing and performing for years? What’s your vision for where this studio time will take you? This is going to be a HUGE factor in what kind of studio you’re seeking out, and how this particular studio and the recordings they produce are going to potentially impact your dreams and goals. It’s vital you know what this project’s end goal is.


How far are you willing to travel?

Do you know of reputable studios in your area or even in your state? Or are you going to have to make a road trip and summer vacation out of it? Unless you already have THE studio in mind, you’re going to want to spend some time researching the studios in areas you’re willing to venture to.


What kind of budget do you have?

You’ve been gigging for years. Have you set aside money out of each weekend for your “studio fund?” Do you have a ballpark figure of what you’re willing and able to spend? You’re likely going to get what you pay for, so again, know WHAT it is you’re willing to pay for and WHY.  The least expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the lowest quality, nor does the most expensive indicate the best quality and the best experience. Know your budget and the amount of money you’re expecting to relinquish and use that as one of the factors when selecting the perfect music studio.


What kind of sound are you going for?

Not all recording studios are created equal. Not even close. Have you narrowed down the kind of sound you want for your band and your songs? If you haven’t, you need to before booking a studio. Do you want a more natural, organic sound or a big, bold, in-your-face sound? Maybe you’re going for a vintage sound where special gear will be needed. Are you acoustic or electric? Solo, three-piece or six-piece band? How many instruments will be involved in the recording session? Each studio has very specific capabilities for accommodating various types of bands, instruments, and the sound that you’re going for. Know what you want and make sure they can provide it (with samples of their work) before you commit.


Have you checked their credibility?

Don’t ever go in blind, without asking for references and following up to ensure the studio you’re entering is not only reputable but also “easy” to work with. You’re not just going for a quality production here. You want the recording experience to be memorable, and not because it turns out they’re not who they say they are or are too difficult to be in the same room with for days. Do your due diligence and spend some time really researching the studios you’ve narrowed it down to, and their engineers, before booking your studio time.


Booking studio time could be such a huge next step in your music career. Don’t rush into it. Know your WHY behind this part of your adventure. Research like crazy to find your perfect match. And enjoy the ride!