Nowadays, shark vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular brand for its effectiveness and convenience and is one of the best purchases for people who are in the process of buying a good vacuum cleaner. You might use it for the purpose of maintaining cleanliness in your homestead, but be assured that your vacuum cleaner also needs some maintaining so that it can perform its responsibilities without giving you any headache.

Even though you take thousands of precautions while using it, you might still find yourself stuck with some common issues. This article will enlighten you with the common problems and the solution for shark vacuum cleaners.


The first common issue: Vacuum doesn’t turn on

This is one of the common issues that you face while using a shark vacuum cleaner. You see that your vacuum cleaner won’t turn on. There are some common reasons why your vacuum cleaner won’t turn on, which are:

  • Your vacuum cleaner is plugged incorrectly: In this case, make sure you plug in your vacuum cleaner correctly and check whether the outlet where you plugged your vacuum cleaner is ok.
  • Broken circuit: Vacuum cleaners absorb huge electricity for operating, so there are chances that your circuit breaker might get tripped while turning it on. In that case, you must reset your circuit breaker in order to make it work again. If there’s no automatic reset button, you can always fix it manually by locating your circuit breaker panel (which is usually located in the basement)
  • Motor Thermostat issues: Sometimes the motor thermostat of your vacuum can get excessively hot, in this case you need to give it sometime to cool it off. Turn the power button off and replace the clogged hose or filter. Give it 45 minutes to cool off then turn on the switch. If it still doesn’t turn on then you might need to contact the customer service.


The second common issue: The suction loses power

Your vacuum cleaner can lose its sucking power due to the following reasons:

  • Canister is full: If your canister is filled up with dirt then chances the suction of your vacuum will no work properly, so empty your canister if such issue arises.
  • Blockade in the tube of your suction pump: If anything, get stuck in the suction pump then the air flow gets obstructed. So, make sure your suction pump doesn’t have any blockade in it.
  • Faulty in the motor: This is the worst-case scenario. If your motor doesn’t work effectively, then suction is terribly affected. In this case you might need to buy a new vacuum cleaner since a new motor cost nearly as much as a vacuum cleaner


The third common issue: Malfunction in roller brush

This is the situation when your vacuum turns on but the roller brush doesn’t spin. The common reasons are:

  • Setting the vacuum wrongly: Vacuum cleaners have a different switch for turning the roller brush on. So, check whether the button is on. If the switch is on and it still doesn’t spin then,
  • Look for blockades: Some debris might get stuck around the roller, clean it. Also check whether
  • The nozzle is fully attached or not.


The Fourth common problem: overheating

Overheating happens when there is an underlying electrical issue in your vacuum cleaner. Check your cord for any damages. Faulty in thermostat and motor can also cause overheating problems. These problems are interconnected with the problems stated above, so if you’re still reading this article you know how to fix them.

These are some common problems and their fixes with shark vacuum cleaner. Please be noted that you should check the warranty of your vacuum before buying it and check what issues are warranted under it.