The job market is becoming increasingly complicated. The average employee in Germany changes jobs every two years. This requires a high degree of flexibility. This development often causes problems for couples in particular. What is the best way to proceed if the partner has to move to another city for work reasons? Long-distance relationships are often doomed to failure. If you want to move with your partner, you will have to look for a job in most cases.

How do I find a new job quickly and easily?

Skilled workers are in short supply in Germany. Many jobs remain vacant. But it is not only highly qualified workers who are desperately sought. A full-time job without training is quickly found in many German cities. In order to find a suitable one there are most different ways.

The classic: Advertisements

It is the classic par excellence: the traditional newspaper advertisements. A wide range of offers can be found here – usually for well and also less well-trained jobseekers. It is therefore worth buying a good selection of newspapers and sitting at the kitchen table with a large cup of coffee, a highlighter and enough time. But beware: due to the increasing importance of the Internet, many advertisements are no longer published in this classic medium. Tenders in which younger employees are sought are appearing more and more frequently exclusively on the Internet.

An unsolicited application:

True to the motto: asking questions costs nothing, many unsolicited applications lead to surprising results. Who knows thus already, in which Metier he or she would like to move in the future, should not back-strain before an initiative application. It is important to adapt the respective application to the company to which it is sent. Off-the-peg applications are often not even considered by personnel. The disadvantage: to write many individual applications costs trouble and also time.

Specialized Webpages:

Those who prefer a simple solution should have a look at some specialized internet portals. An example for such a platform is There you can discover a variety of vacancies and apply directly. The side is besides extremely clearly arranged. In this way one finds fast and uncomplicatedly the way to the new job.