How to get free quality backlinks for your website

Getting quality links, especially when you are starting a new project, becomes almost an obligation. As you already know, links are a very important part of the strategy since they allow us to increase the authority of our website and give it a boost to website ranking.

Most of the time we more focus on just building backlinks. But who doesn’t have any SEO knowledge they barely understand how harmful it can be for our website for ranking?

It is a mistake that is usually made and as I have indicated before, it can lead to a possible penalty by Google.

What is considered a quality link?

There are several factors to consider, either to place links for free or paying for them:

  • The web page where we are going to add the link should be related to our website niche.
  • The anchor text that we are going to work on should be as natural as possible. If this link contains the keyword that is relevant to our website, it is enough. The anchor text does not always have to be an exact match keyword.
  • Consider the age of the website. Well, the older the web, the more authority it should have.
  • Check the number of links you are receiving from other websites.
  • Measure the quality and content of your other articles.

What types of links exist today?

Not all links are equal. You should know that many links convey authority and others do not.

We currently have up to 4 types of links on the Internet:

Do-follow links: Those that we must use and that transmit authority.

No-follow Links: The opposite of do-follow. They do not convey authority, but if they give a reference to your website and if they manage to drive traffic to your website, they can be very positive.

Sponsored links: They serve to indicate that they are links purchased or created through an advertising campaign. As of today, we do not recommend adding this type of attribute to links, since you will be indicating to Google that you are paying by buying links to position your website.

UCG Links: Link used to indicate user-generated content, hence its initials for User Generated Content. That is, those found in comments on a blog, or posts made by users in the forums.

Effective techniques to get free and quality links

Searching the internet for this type of links takes time and resources since it is a very manual task. However, if you do it well you can save money and the occasional headache.

Leaving aside the links that we can find in forums on related topics or other portals, those methods that are most effective and have the most impact are those that are achieved by offering high-quality content.

To do this, you can use one of these Link building techniques:

1. Bait Strategy or Link Baiting

Link baiting is nothing but creating valuable content and sharing it on your website. So, after reading this content other bloggers or websites can give you links naturally.

The content can be articles, ebooks, podcast infographics, etc. So, always focus on creating quality content, not on quantity.

2. Offer something in return

One of the things that most moves people are free things, or failing that, discounts.

One of the most common actions in obtaining external links to a website is the offering of some type of discount to all those users who share on their social networks or purchase a product or service in the advertiser’s store.

On the other side, if you see one of the best digital marketer Neil Patel’s websites you will see he is providing some tools free for his visitors. As a result, his visitor visits his website again and again. So now you can relate to this theory that he is offering something free and now he is getting traffic in return.

3. Guest posting, a thorough job

This is one of the most practical ways to get a free, quality link (or not).

For this, you have to know how to work on personal relationships in the same way or better than in front of a computer.

A good relationship or contact with bloggers can make your project increase in authority with little effort.

Another way to perform guest posting is to go to sites that allow ” guest authors “, although as always, the quality of these pages must be controlled.

This technique involves writing quality content on another web page related to your topic. It is a win to win strategy since you get a link from your relevant niche, and the administrator of that page gets quality content from you.

It is possible that you come across means by which they are not willing to go through the hoop without financial compensation, so personal and professional contact with the person in charge of the website is vital.

It is also helping a lot to increase your brand awareness among the targeted customers.

If you don’t want to waste so much time on this link search, there are other ways to get links. You can either go directly to some link buying platforms ( not recommended) that exist today or contact the webmaster of a web page in which you are interested in getting a link.

4. Submit Your Website on the Directory site.

Directory websites are one of the best places to increase traffic as well as get free backlinks. Directory website allows you to place your link under the specific niche of the website. It helps the visitor to find their desired service very fast.



A good link building strategy can make your business grow remarkably, but it can also be counterproductive if you do not measure the quantity or quality of these sites well.

Avoid portals where you see too many links and always try to be natural to avoid falling into a possible penalty.

Remember that Link building is a strategy that requires patience and is not done overnight.

You have to be constant and you will see that in the long term you will start to see its first fruits.

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