Instagram comments are one of the finest ways of promoting interactions. At the same time, it is the only way to encourage a two-way interaction on your post. Ever since the social media company began hiding likes, comments have become the most valuable engagement asset in the Instagram algorithm. High Instagram engagement and visible comments count are becoming the chief metric for social proof behind your Instagram following.

How to Get Instagram comments

Multiple things enable you to get Instagram comments on your post and improve your post’s engagement. Below are eight must-know tips to get more comments for your Instagram post.

Respond to Your Comments

The first thing you should do to refine your engagement is to respond to all the comments in the politest way possible. That way, you will motivate and create a path for more and more comments. The more comments you have on your comments section, the people you will pull to comment on your post.

Also, you can create a conversation between yourself and the people commenting on your post. As you respond to the original comment, react in a manner that will motivate the other person to come back and engage with you. The more you engage with them, the more the conversation will go up, and the more personable you will continue to be, which is what most followers want.

Reciprocate Engagement

Well, this one can be a little bit time-consuming but is a powerful way to get more Instagram followers into your account. When you have some spare time, get into your Instagram account and check out your list of users you have interacted with on your latest post. Tap through their Instagram profile and leave at least one comment on some of their latest post.

It is like a way of thanking them and returning the favour. Most of them will reciprocate the engagement by revisiting your profile and interacting more with you. Do the same for the accounts following you, and for sure, the comments for every post you make will go up.

Besides, this is like training your followers to comment more on your posts and engage more with you as you are doing the same with them.

Creatively Ask People to Comment

Be as creative as possible on the way you ask people to leave comments on some of your Instagram posts. Why stick with the ‘Leave a Comment’ prompt when you could make it easy and fun? For instance, you could ask simple questions and let your followers fill the blanks. Alternatively, you could put up a funny photo and ask your followers to caption it, inform them that getting the best caption will get a shout on the post. It is like an Instagram contest; you don’t necessarily need to arrange the contest.

Do an Instagram Giveaway

Believe it or not, the Instagram contest has proved to be the park for improving engagements. It’s no secret that people enjoy free stuff and will not think twice about entering into a contest with the possibility of willing something. Most Instagram contests have rules that include liking the giveaway post, tagging friends, and following the account.

If you want to raise the number of your comments quickly, you should consider starting a contest and make it as lively as possible. The giveaways should be something exciting for your followers.

Host an Instagram Takeover

Another fantastic way to get more engagement on your post is getting your guests passionate and engaged every day. One of the advantages of a takeover is that it exposes your content to a new audience for you and your collaborator. So, you have plenty of occasions to grow your following and get more reach through Takeovers. Established Instagram users mostly use the method, and so you must give it a try.

Develop an Instagram editorial calendar

It would be best if you found out an Instagram publishing cadence that suits you best. Here, we recommend that you make your posts more than once per day. With that said, you need to remember that timing in the algorithm is essential. You don’t want to make your posts when most of your target audience is not online. There is software that helps social media users to track their activity on their social media activity. Doing that will also train your followers to follow a given schedule to expect to see your post.

Invite People to Tag Friends

In most cases, people tag their friends in funny and ultra-relatable content as it helps build and better your relations with family and friends. Also, it is a way to get in front of your new audience that might enjoy your content. Everyone is a winner here; both you and your new audience will get a chance to engage with a new audience.

The next time you put up a meme or relatable content, include a call to action for people to tag others in the comments section. What you need to do is simple, in your post, have a post with a caption like ‘Tag a friend who does ….’.

Add in Some Cute Photos

It is no secret that your followers love photos of you; however, you can spice this up with pictures of such things as cute animals and serene environments. If you have a video of your pet playing, don’t shy off to post, you will be surprised how many comments the post video could pull. You can further your post reach by adding relevant hashtags so more animal lovers will view your video. If you keep posting boring images, you will discourage your followers, and they might end up unfollowing you, and you so might end up losing some of your numbers.

Ask Thoughtful Questions

Last but not the final tip is to ask your followers provoking questions that will resonate with your following. Some of the most used phrases include ‘which one do you prefer, or which one would you rather go for’ and like comments. Even better, you can use a poll on Instagram Stories for this or that. Think of questions that will provide the insight you’re following to consider and answer passionately. If you scroll on the comments section, you will notice people jumping into the conversation in threads and other answers.

If you have been on Instagram long enough, you must have realized the struggle of managing the platform without losing track of any critical comment and thread for older posts. Generally, comment management is one of the most significant shortcomings of Instagram, and it is so easy to lose comments on older posts.

There aren’t many affordable tools that help you keep track of and respond to those comments either. The most important thing is to engage and captivate your followers in the most positive way possible.


As seen, one of the most significant comments to improve comment count is to adjust a few habits and prioritize engagement and not too much into the following. That is not only true for Instagram alone, but all other social media platforms. Make replying to comments a priority, especially when most of your followers are online and can like and respond to your comment.