It’s becoming hard to increase your following on Instagram considering that you can encounter many hashtags, disappearing stories, and many others. In the past, you could only post a couple of photos, have your favorite hashtags, and see followers growing easily. 

No wonder, today, many people feel it’s almost an impossible task to grow their Instagram accounts. The good news is that you can now use Instagram bots to grow your followers and influence. This post discusses how to grow your influence with Instagram bots. 


An Instagram bot

An Instagram bot is a tool that you can use to automate commenting, liking, and following other accounts or photos on Instagram. It allows you to choose specific parameters like the speed you desire to follow accounts, the geography of suitable followers, and the hashtags that are relevant to you. Therefore, a bot can automate this entire process of interacting with other users and grow your influence on Instagram.

However, you need to use Instagram bots, such as Social Meep correctly to avoid breaching the terms of service. You see, when you are technically against these terms, there is a chance that your Instagram account can be banned or even deleted. 

Ideally, you want to use these Instagram bots correctly so that they can look natural. In this way, you can decide to use automation for scheduling content, interacting with other accounts, and automating various social media tasks.


How you can use Instagram bots safely

The key to increasing your influence with Instagram bots is to have a plan that abides by Instagram’s terms of use and avoids having your account deleted or banned. Here are a couple of the steps you can take:


Get targeted 

Your bot activity should be more targeted to stand a better chance of avoiding raising red flags with Instagram. So a suitable bot should allow you to create targeted filters for your automated engagements. 


You should follow the rules

You can increase your Instagram influence while avoiding being banned by following Instagram’s rules. Remember that you can find some written rules that are published in their terms of service and others are unwritten rules that relate to the use of Instagram bots. 

You need to understand these unwritten rules when setting an Instagram bot that is designed to grow your following. For example, if you’re following and unfollowing several accounts a day when you are new on Instagram, it’s going to raise suspicion. So you need to start slow and regularly increase the speed of the Instagram bot as your Instagram account grows. 

Relevance is also key to growing your followers. It means to avoid following all the people to grow rapidly. Instead, you can use filters so that you can target relevant accounts, geographies, hashtags to enable you to have a consistent growth of followers that are relevant to your goals.   

Content also matters so you should always publish consistent and valuable content on your Instagram page. This content should be of high-quality to ensure that your followers engage with it.

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