The World Wide Web has significantly influenced commerce. Over the last decade businesses have used e-commerce as a relevant marketing strategy with intent to rapidly grow in a particular Sector. Over the years, websites have proven to be a powerful tool in order to increase the revenue for your business.

Businesses have invested majorly in developing interesting Websites with intent to increase revenues by being available to a larger audience. While an aesthetically strong and dynamic website builds a nice brand image, it’s also important to ensure that you get maximum sales out of the traffic that your website receives.

Conversion rate optimization is a marketing strategy that proves to of great help in increasing the amount of sales or actions your website aims to generate. Conversion rate refers to the percentage of people that land on your website and end up taking the action that you wanted them to take. This includes making a purchase, downloading an e-book or simply filling out a form.

Increasing the conversion rate simply increases the revenue generated through the website.  By taking the following steps you can shift gears of your business in the right direction.


Web Design

An easy to navigate web design can result in an increased amount of conversion rate cultivated out of your website. By designing an easy to use webpage you’re establishing an increased possibility of actions per click taken. For instance CNN uses a very simple screen play. This is directly proportional to the amount of actions generated and as a result increases the conversion rate for your website.


Videos and infographics

Time is Luxury! , having said that, it comes as no surprise that people prefer visual information in forms of videos and infographics over traditional text based content. A quick video description placed strategically right next your call-to-action effectively increases sale probability.


Compatible with all devices

The number of smartphone users has drastically increased and today surpasses 3 billion users worldwide. Ensuring that your website is compatible with a diverse range of devices and smartphones could exponentially increase the conversion rate. While developing apps, one should design adaptable features and screenplays to ensure your message gets across the table conveniently.

Testimonials reviews and guarantees

Adding reviews and testimonials can increase conversion rate by building trust between you and the buyers. Testimonials help eradicate doubts about a particular product/service and could possibly increase the amount of actions-per click taken from your website.


Live chat

Lastly, adding this simple yet quite resourceful feature to your web page can increase audience engagement. This saves time and aids trust development between you and your customer. Commissioning staff to be available for live chat during business hours can definitely help increase conversion rate.


Product Value Preposition

Developing a crystal clear value preposition can help the customer to make a better choice. This means that your value preposition should be convincing and transparent. Reducing distractions and creating a sense of urgency can help escalate conversion rate and subsequently the revenue generated.

Equipping your web page with the above mentioned features not only establishes a good repute for your brand/business online but also ensures maximum productivity. A user friendly, concise and convincing web page fortifies your business.