Are you using a wireless network? Do you also not watch any movie without the countless buffering? Why your Wi-Fi signal strength is so poor? Are you also among those people who think for increasing the speed of their internet they should change their old Wi-Fi router? Don’t change it because, in this post, we are going to discuss everything about Wi-Fi signals. Are you curious enough to know about this all??? Let’s start this Wi-Fi signal guide….


What is Wi-Fi signal strength?

It is the question that pops up in the mind of many people. So let me tell you, traditionally appeared with dBm and percentile, this is the ratio of Wi-Fi signal strengths that describes the power reference of the internet in one milliwatt. By default setting, the common view of Wi-Fi signals appears in dBm, and sometimes it seems in negative values. If the values are between -25 to -35 then the computer will show this strength equivalent to 100%.


Measure the Wi-Fi signal strength and how to consider if the Wi-Fi is good or bad?

Is your Wi-Fi not working properly? Are you going to shoot out on your internet service provider? Don’t do this, for determining the Wi-Fi strength your first step is to measure the signal strength of your Wireless network. Different reasons peruse you to measure the Internet speed of your wireless network. Here are mentioned some of them such as

  • You want to increase the optimization speed of your wireless network.
  • Do you want to buy a new router for comparing its internet speed with your old router? By doing this, you want to confirm that you need a new router or current one can also work for you.
  • Do you recently purchase a new wireless router and want to confirm its downloading speed.

Above mention, cases are all different and people not only want to know how fats your Wireless network can download movies and upload anything on the internet but also find out the location where Wi-Fi connections are strong.


How will you get to know if your Wi-Fi signals are good or bad?

The Wi-Fi strength level is always shown equivalent to 100% on the router if the measuring of signal strength lies between -35 dBm to the higher point. Let’s understand this measuring thing with the help of the table:

Signal Strength Highest Quality Requirements
-90 dBm There are almost no chances of connectivity
-80 dBm The signals are unreliable and can’t connect with most of the face difficulty while connecting to the  internet
-70 dBm Not a strong and reliable signal strength and only allow specific browsing and email checking Not sufficient to reach most of the services
-60 dBm Good, minimum level reliable network strength
-50 dBm Any strength level lower to this level is considered to be an excellent wireless network
-25 to -15 If the strength of your network is between -25 to -15 then on the router it will be shown as equivalent to 100% Max internet speed and search anything without the interference of annoying buffering


Want to improve your Wi-Fi network signals? But How!!!

With specific transmission power, the antenna type and the location of Wi-Fi locator also affect signal strength. From 802.11b to 802.11g is the multipoint arrangement for a wireless network that is placed in an indoor point. Here are some tips that can improve your Wireless network’s signal receipts.

  1. Place heavy furniture of your home along the exterior walls so that wireless signals don’t travel through cumbersome furniture and you’ll receive a better signal receipt.
  2. Hard surfaces reflect Wi-Fi signals in opposite directions. So, it is beneficial to reduce the use of mirrors in the house.
  3. Use wireless repeater or wireless bridge for increasing the network coverage without the use of extra wires and hassles. Want to get an instant boost? Place your router between your access point and your computer and increase signal receipts.
  4. Secure your network by converting your system from WEP into WPA/WPA2. These are security algorithms that don’t allow any hacker to break the security of your Wireless network.

How to increase wireless network strength in Mac?

Several new tools allow you to increase the strength of your wireless network in both Windows and Mac computer. Here I am going to introduce Netspot that is a significant Wi-Fi network influencer and also an excellent signal strength app for Mac users.

Don’t know about Netspot? What is it? How can Netspot help you here? Netspot is a professional app that is specially designed for Wireless Network Surveys. Netspot is a free network analyzer that can do Wi-Fi analysis and handle troubleshooting of wireless network in Windows and Mac IOS. Now you don’t need any networking expert to improve the signal strength of your home or office’s network.

Different cables and antennas can help you to increase the signal strength of your network. Netspot Wi-Fi survey site can provide optimal coverage and show the feasibility of a wireless network in a specific area. Wi-Fi analysis surveys are an essential part of Wi-Fi security analysis that can correctly locate and access rouge areas, avoid the interference of cross channels, perceive other unauthorized network stations and provide alerts of false positive intrusion alerts.

To measure WiFi Signal Strength there are many excellent software for MacOS, but Netspot offers more attractive user interface features. For MacOS, Netspot offers two distinct analysis modes of network analysis. With the first analysis mode “DISCOVER,” you not only detect and overview the wireless networks that are already added but also the network that is purposefully hidden. With the second analysis mode of Netspot called “SURVEY,” Mac users can detect the areas where the network strength of the wireless network is weak.