How To Keep In Touch With Your Customers Despite A Lockdown

Stemming from the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses are facing extinction. In fact, many have gone under thanks to the impact of the virus, and its derailing effects on the economy at large. However, if you’re still in business or at least, trying to make the most of the imposed lockdown, there are a couple of insightful ways to cushion the effects especially in relation to your customers.

What you want is to keep in touch with them because you and your brand want to extend a hand of hope, and of course, keep your business moving. Here are things you can do to connect with your customers:

Use a Gifting Service

Perhaps you have successfully started a business thanks to your hard work and you now boast of quite a number of clients who have stuck to your service for a while. A good way to keep in touch with them is to use gifting services to surprise them. Sure, it’s lockdown time but some of these services still operate.

Nothing is insignificant at the moment. So whether you go for simple treats, health products, or something different, no doubt it will be much appreciated by your customers. Further, on your own, you can come up with great ways to show them you care. Since you know what they like to an extent, a gift shows you value them.

Be Social Without Being Present

Thanks to the Internet and various innovative ways to connect to people, keeping in touch should be easy. Your social media accounts will come in handy since you can’t meet up with your customers or open your business. What you can do is create a social media post to show them what you’re up to, or that you’re with them in these times.

Furthermore, your customers will love to know how you are doing, how business is faring, and the time you’re likely to reopen. As such, accounts on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and others can be used to post great images of your time indoors. Also, you can take it a bit further with videos of how you’re keeping safe.

Create Redeemable Promotions when Lockdown is over

One great way businesses often reward loyal customers is by offering promotions. Who says you can’t do that during the lockdown? During these times, customers can hardly make a purchase of some of their favorite products. In line with that, it’ll make sense to show them you’ve got their backs by offering cool promotions they can redeem when everything gets back to normal.

The promotions will have a personal ring to it. This shows you’re not all about the business but also care about doing the best for your customers.

Take part in Local Initiatives

Many communities have witnessed businesses join in on local initiatives to ease the pains caused by the pandemic. You can take part especially if your local community has one. Whether it’s fundraising for food items, medical kits and other products, or sharing helpful content online, it’ll help you keep in touch and connect with your customers.

Your actions will create a lasting impact on your customers, and will encourage them to take part in the initiative. This way, everyone is pulling towards the same goals.


The COVID-19 pandemic has done more harm than good. But playing a role to ease its effects, however little, on your customers, is a great step. So adopt any of the ways above or a couple of them to show your customers they’re worth more to you than the business they bring.