Since the pandemic, working from home has become the new normal for many working professionals. For many, that means waking up later, making a cup of coffee and starting their day at their desk/ kitchen table/ living room table. For a lot of people, working from home also means they don’t have to wear a tie every day or their look can be a bit more laid-back. After a few months, there are clear ‘camps’ to be seen: the people that wear clothes like they used to in the office, people who sit in their pjs and robe all day long, and people who combine looking professional with being extremely comfortable. If you belong in this last category, this article is for you! 

Only wear professional clothes people can see

Let’s be honest – wearing suit trousers or jeans for hours on end can get really annoying when you’re sitting down. The button can dig into your belly and the fabric can feel very uncomfortable. That’s why many people choose to wear a professional shirt or blouse on top of comfortable trousers, in case they have a ZOOM or Hangouts-call. If you try this trick: just make sure you don’t stand up during your call and accidentally show off your pajama trousers! Luckily, many brands offer sweatpants for men (Dutch: sweatpants heren) and women that look a lot like normal, fancy trousers. Handy! 

Choose extra comfortable fabrics

If you often have long meetings where you occasionally stand up to go to the toilet or get another cup of coffee, we understand that the above mentioned tip might not be something for you. But that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable while working! This is the time to invest in some timeless pieces, made of extra comfortable fabrics. For instance, swap your cheap shirt made from polyester with one made from breathable cotton or soft silk. Or leave your suit jacket in the closet and wear a woollen vest. Woollen vests for men (Dutch: wollen vest heren) and women still look very professional; especially when you combine them with a dress shirt underneath. 

Be productive with the right clothes

If you wear the right clothes at home, you’ll feel better and be more productive. Many people have to admit that working in their pjs makes them less productive, but wearing business attire that itches and annoys you, also isn’t ideal. We hope you find a few handy ‘working from home’-outfits with pieces you can continue to wear once you go back to the office. 


What are you wearing when you’re working from home?