If you have old books at your home usually these are courses or study books which gets obsolete over the time. And usually we sell them in trash which gives only a fraction of their actual price. So today we are going to provide some of the best platforms where you can get a decent amount with your old books.  Those whose income sources belong to online businesses they are the one who explore many such platforms so that they can make some extra money. These are searching free items, make money through online sites, surveys and many other which are not only legit but popular as well.

Whether for economic reasons or for wanting to give a second chance to books, I have to say that there are a few web pages where you can buy second-hand books (novels, textbooks …) and get rid of those that you no longer use to recover part of the investment you made at the time.

The truth is that there is everything. There are sites in which they charge a commission for each sale you make and there are sites where you pay directly and then they sell them at the price they estimate. There are also places where you simply sign up, put your price and get the full profit for your pocket.

Some of them are physical bookstores of second-hand books that have launched the adventure of putting their catalog online and others are platforms that have seen the existing business in the resale of books.

There are many online bookstores that offer to buy used books. In fact amazon is also buying used book and offering a decent price. You must need check the ultimate guide of selling books on amazon.   It is a random situation because online bookstores do not buy all the titles, and what they are willing to pay can vary a lot, according to the demand that exists in the market. An easy way to find the bookstore on the internet that offers you the best price is to use a website such as BookScouter.com or BookFinder.com. Each one allows you to enter the international standard number for books (ISBN) of any book and compare prices between several bookstores on the internet. Among the main internet bookstores selling used books are:



For people whose hobby is reading and venturing into different stories, IberLibro offers a wide selection of second-hand books for less than € 5. In the selection, you can find a variety of second-hand books for all types of readers: classics of literature, mystery novels, and police, erotic and other current issues.


In Re-Read, you can find second-hand books in perfect condition, in addition to selling yours. To sell your books all they ask is that they are in good condition and that they are not encyclopaedias, textbooks, old, written or yellowed. They buy each book for 0.20 Euros (then sell between 2 and 3 Euros).

Casa del Libro

From Casa del Libro you can also buy second-hand books, in addition to selling your books. The registration is free and the book will become part of the online catalog. You have to pay 1 euro per sale (shipping costs) + 15% of the sale of the book


Relibrea is a website in which anyone can give a new life to used books that they no longer want to keep, selling them to recover part of their initial investment or simply giving them away. In turn, people can search an extensive catalog and buy the second-hand books they need.


Bolsabooks is a student library for students. They help you manage the sale of your second-hand academic books and save money on your purchases. If the book is new you get 65% of the value, if it is in poor condition up to 45%.

Second lecture

Segunda Lectura is a platform for selling second-hand books that allows all users to offer books (gift, change, sale …) to other users who access the platform.


LibroVicio’s is an online bookstore of second-hand books. They rescue books from the most unsuspected corners condemned to oblivion, classify them and put them on sale.


UNILIBER is a National Association of Old, Old, Used and Exhausted Book professionals, as well as Collecting professionals. Its main objective is to promote and favour commerce through the Internet of books and old collectibles.

Ambigú Books

Ambigú Books is a bookstore dedicated to the sale of second-hand books. Here you can easily sell teh seconf hand book and make money without doing any affords.


All collection

Everyone knows the classified ads websites. These include the already well – known websites milanuncios.com, tablondeanuncios.com, and segundamano.es, to which must be added that of Todocoleccion.net and puts an extensive catalog of more than two and a half million used books hand, used and old.

  • Amazon Trade-In. You receive a gift card from Amazon, no money in cash. The site accepts books, compact discs, and vinyl. An attractive feature of Amazon Trade-In is that if you do not accept the book because it is in poor condition, the company returns it for free by mail.
  • AbeBooks.com. Payments through PayPal or checks are required.
  • Powell’s Books. You have the option of receiving payments through PayPal or in the form of a credit with the store.
  • Textbooks.com. This site accepts more than just textbooks. Payments through PayPal or checks are required.
  • TextbookRush.com.  This site pays in the form of credits with the store, PayPal or cash.