How to Monitor SERP Rankings and Why It Is Useful To Use an API for That

Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are of great value to businesses. It lets them know about what the internet says about their work. There are various reasons which make it necessary to retrieve Google results. This guide will help you understand how to monitor the SERP Rankings and the reason why an API is the best solution.


Why SERP Rankings are Important?

There is a saying that every publicity, whether good or bad is useful. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to search engine results. More and more people rely on SERP rankings when looking up a business. This means that not improving your rankings or having a negative post in the rankings could be dissuading potential customers from your business.


Keep an Eye of Competitors

SERP Rankings help you keep an eye on your competitors and know where they rank higher. Learning about their strengths and weaknesses will help you significantly in developing an effective digital marketing strategy that will make you standout in the competitive online world of today.


Learn About the Latest Trends

Another important thing about the rankings is that it allows you to learn about the latest trends. Every successful business knows the importance of trends and tries its best to keep up with them. Your business should rank for all of the trends in the industry. It will help generate more traffic to your business website.


Influence Customers

Perhaps, the most important thing about SERP rankings is that it allows businesses to influence customers. When your business ranks higher than another or appears on the first page of the rankings, then customers would be more likely to buy from your business.


How to Monitor SERP Rankings?

Retrieving Google results will help you significantly which is why you need to know how to monitor SERP Rankings. Generally, there are three options that can be used to retrieve Google results. The first option is to use Google’s API or an API integration platform but there are many limitations to it which you should know about before making the mistake of using it.

The second option which you could use is to scrape through all the results yourself. While, the third option is to use an API as it is the easiest options and provides the best results. You will learn more about why APU is useful later on in the post.


Limitations to the Google API

Before moving on to the API services, you need to know about the limitations to the Google API. It only allows you to make 40 requests in an hour. Using this option would provide you with limited results. It will be extremely difficult to use this option to track ranking positions. Furthermore, it is an expensive option as you would have to pay to make more requests.


 Scare Through It on Your Own

Now, it is important for you to know that Google does not allow one to do so which is what makes it a tricky task. It is not recommended to use this option due to the implications. There is the risk of detection if one requests for more than 8 keywords within an hour. Furthermore, if you end up requesting more than 10 keywords in the meantime, you would be blocked almost immediately from doing so. Multiple IPS would need to be used in order to achieve some results.


Why Use API?

Now that you know about the limitations of the other two methods for monitoring SERP Rankings, you will come to realize just how useful API is. API retrieval services provide you with complete freedom. There is no need to worry about the limitations as described in the other two options since you will be able to obtain results for huge search engine retrieval requirements with ease. You will find the best results with an API and would take your business to the next level.

Unlike the Google API which is expensive or manual scraping which has many limitations, it is affordable to use the API services. You would benefit from the open source code to search for thousands of result pages within an hour simply by refreshes. Most businesses have come to realize just how powerful it is. There are many upsides to using the service.


Quick Results

If you are looking for quick results then you should consider using SEO Keyword API as they are truly the best when it comes to providing results in the shortest amount of time. Businesses that want to get ahead need to us an API to monitor SERP Rankings. Find real-time results to access all the data.


ZENSERP: The Ultimate API

Precise SERP Ranking

The best thing about ZENSERP is that they provide you with precise SERP ranking anywhere in the world. Check any keyword ranking on Bing, Yahoo or Google by using any zip code. The results will let you know how your business ranks even in the furthest corners of the country and the world.


Search Ranking for Multiple Devices

Try the search ranking option for multiple devices as see how your business ranks for desktop and mobile search results. Also, Google Maps results can be tracked as well.


Monitor Competitors

Monitor all the major competitors in the market and see their positions for keywords that you target on search engines. Track and discover where you are at the top.


API is the Ultimate Tool for Websites

Websites need API to know where they rank for all the hottest keywords. It is the ultimate tool to monitor the website’s progress and know where it lacks. Control your backlinks and learn about how each of the posts is doing.

Get a complete website audit with API as it will provide you with content analysis, and major factors analysis. It can help you take the website to the next level and achieve online success. Use API if you want to know where you rank for all the important keywords.


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