How To Plan Your Blog’s Success


Sometimes your blog may seem like a ghost town, with only few residents and occasional visitors. It may be because, like most ghost towns, there’s no infrastructure or pizzazz to keep traffic flowing within your blog. Nevertheless, we’re going to highlight plans which can help you turn your website’s aridity into a thriving rain forest. But first, let’s deliberate on some things. When you started your blog, we’re assuming you were really pumped to get things rolling. But then nothing seemed to be working, you couldn’t get traffic or clicks and you feel like giving up. Don’t. This stage is completely normal for first time bloggers and in a way it checkmates the ones willing to go all the way from those who don’t have the commitment to see it through. To plan your blog’s success, here’s how you begin.

  1. Pick a niche

First time bloggers often complain they picked the wrong niches or that their blogs won’t be monetized because of their choice. This is the first step and you need to do it right. When picking a niche you’ll need to consider the amount of traffic that is due to you via that niche. If it is enough then you can go for it. Next the traffic you’re pulling to your site, is it seasonal? Is it because of trends? To find out, head to Google trends and type in what your blog would be about. If you find major peaks and valleys, you should conduct further research before hoisting your blog based on this topic setting. Lastly, create a hit list based on your niche and topics.

  1. Have an idea on what you want your site to look like

Blogs are synonymous with relevant information and you’ll need to think about what would make yours helpful to visitors. Also, think of how your blog would become the industry’s pillar. These are all goals but it’s important to have a vision when working with blogs. Also try creating innovative content that would be really helpful to your readers. If your blog is going to be about reviewing appliances, instead of writing articles about the best ones out there, why not post content based on your own personal review. To do this you could purchase multiple appliances, let’s use vacuum cleaners and run tests on them. You can take pictures or videos of the results and this will be intensely helpful to someone who wants to purchase a vacuum cleaner. Having a good vision helps you build your blog and possibly expand in the future.


Get started

It is important to note that so many blogs and sites all offer the same circle of contents to their users. These sites may be the pillar sites in their industries to their niches, not necessarily because their sites are overly helpful, but probably because they do not have competition or because they have way more content than you do. To find out what you’re up against, take a look at the pillar blogs in your industry and see what they’re doing. If you can offer something better, then do just that. Nevertheless, you’re just starting out and it’s going to take time before your visions are actualized but it is important for you to be steadfast and not lose hope. You’ll get there, eventually.