How to play Mahjong Game Free Online

Mahjong Solitaire or MahJongg Solitaire also known by single-player mahjong and one-player mahjong is a matching solitaire game that uses a collection of Mahjong tiles. The 144 tiles are laid out in special ways with their faces facing upwards. Exposure is a tile that can be moved from one side to the other without causing damage to other tiles.

Exposure is achieved by removing exposed pairs of identical tiles (Flower or Seasons tiles within the same group are considered identical). This exposes the lower layers. Clearing the layout is the goal of the game. This involves pairing all the tiles. When the layout is empty or when there are no more exposed pairs, the game is over.

Object in the Game
Matching pairs of tiles is the goal of this game. Only matching tiles can be removed by players if they have at least one side (left/right) that is free. No other tiles may be placed on top. Click on the tile to remove a matching pair of tiles. When there are no moves available, the reshuffle button may be used. Maximum 5 reshuffles are allowed per game

Seasons and Flowers can be used to match pairs. Because there is only one tile in each tile, any combination of Seasons or Flowers counts as a pair.
You can use a shuffle if there are no more pairs. You are allowed 5 shuffles each time you start a new game. The game ends when you have exhausted all your pairs and no more shuffles. Clear the board and you can move on to the next level. It will have a completely different layout.

Mahjong Strategy Tips
1. Each tile layout is different so there are many options for matching.
2. Every pair of tiles they remove should be opened up to new tiles. You can lose the game if you choose obvious pairs, such as the top-level ones, and leave essential tiles covered.
3. Matching tiles can be difficult or impossible in certain circumstances.
4. It is crucial that you focus on the game and keep your attention focused. If your mind wanders even for a second it can cause you to lose a lot time.
5. Fast reactions are key. It is crucial to react quickly. Time is the most critical factor in the game. Rapid reaction is the ability to quickly react to the situation and make the right decision based on previous decisions.
6. It will be necessary to visualize your moves several steps ahead. Although the game may look easy now, if you fail to look ahead and make the wrong move, the game can end abruptly.
7. Visual memory can be improved. Many of the Mahjong characters are very similar, especially when you need to scan multiple tiles at once. It is crucial to know how to identify all tiles and where you saw them last.