How To Prepare For Personal Injury Lawyer Consultation

Of course, you can go it alone when it comes to personal injury lawsuits. However, if you want the best compensation and legal representation, hire a personal injury lawyer. Among other things, a personal injury lawyer will help you get the best compensation quickly and efficiently. Remember, personal injury lawsuits can be complex in nature. They can be draining—especially for victims with severe injuries. So, don’t handle this stress alone. Leave it to the experts. Concentrate on the healing process and let a good personal injury lawyer help you. However, it’s important to get the basics right. In particular, you should learn how to prepare for a free consultation. Here are a few tips to help you have a successful personal injury consultation.

Prepare In Advance

Prepare well before going for a consultation. With proper preparation, you will get the most out of your consultation. Plus, it will help fast track the case. This will not only make it fast but also optimize the results when it comes to the outcome. So, have a detailed account of what happened. Give accurate statements. Have the photos and other documents ready before going for a free consultation. Avoid reshaping the story. Trying to make your story look favorable can destroy your case. State what happened. Don’t leave any fact out. State the facts the way they happened. Also, gather all documentation. Things like police reports and medical bills should be included in your file before going for a free consultation.

 Statute of Limitations

Before going for a free consultation, establish whether your claim has been overtaken by time. Your lawyer is likely to ask you about the statute of limitations when it comes to your personal injury case—especially if it happened a long time ago. If it has expired, the case won’t merit before a court of law. Remember, personal injury cases are guided by timelines. Missing these timelines will see your case struck out of court due to the statute of limitations. So, check your case’s statute of lenitions before going for a free consultation.

Do Your Research First

Don’t go for any attorney. Don’t choose any legal firm. Choose the right personal injury firm/lawyer. Remember, the lawyer you choose can break or make your case. Go for an experienced lawyer. Ensure that that attorney is certified. Look at his/her reputation. Avoid lawyers with numerous complaints from past clients. Consider reading customer reviews. You can also go to lawyer comparison sites. Also, choose a lawyer who specializes in personal injury lawsuits. In a nutshell, you need a lawyer you can trust to execute your personal injury case. So, before going for a consultation, conduct a background check on that lawyer.

Come With All the Bring Documents

Your lawyer will most likely want to go through your documentation during the free consultation session. So, having all the required documentation is extremely important. Have all the relevant documents. Bring the pictures you took. If you have photos of your injuries, bring them. Also, bring pictures of you in the hospital. Bring accident investigation related reports. Bring with you the names of witnesses. Also, don’t forget to bring the details of potential witnesses. Also, things like medical treatment records and imaging X-rays/MRIs are important.


Lawyers are guided by the confidentiality principle. Thus, anything you discuss with your lawyer should be confidential. So, don’t fear disclosing all the details to your lawyer. Nobody will force your lawyer to discuss or produce all the documents related to your case.


During the consultation, remember to ask questions. In particular, ask about similar cases the lawyer has handled in the past. Choose a lawyer who has experience in handling your case. If you need experience in a personal injury lawsuit, go to Lavent Law.

 Make a Decision

The final decision is yours. You have the power to decide the lawyer you want to work with. Remember, free consultation shouldn’t force you into working with that client. So, shop around first. Ensure that you are comfortable working with that lawyer. Sample at least 7 lawyers. Make your comparisons. Choose a lawyer who can suit your explicit needs.

Retainer Agreement, Fees

Now that you have settled on that lawyer, consider asking about the fees. In most cases, your lawyer will work on a contingency basis. You will only pay after the case is successful. So, you won’t have to pay them per hour. According to the stats, the contingency fee is around 30-40 percent. However, it depends on your country’s laws. The contingency fees are used to cover court filing fees, trial exhibits, witness expert costs, as well as deposition transcripts.

Decide on the Game Plan and Time Frames

The next step is to design a game plan. Here, both of you should agree on the timeframes and how you are going to tackle the case. So, consider asking your lawyer for a detailed game plan. Ask the lawyer things he/she needs from you. Try establishing what’s anticipated from you. Having an elaborate game plan increase your case’s success rate.

Online Free Consultation

It’s also important to note that you can do an online consultation. Remember, most legal services are now going online. With technology, you can conduct a free consultation with your lawyer. This is particularly important for people who have severe injuries and cannot move from one point to another. With a smartphone, you can conduct a free consultation with your lawyer. However, you should be ready with all the consultation. Scab and upload the following documents when conducting online consultation with your lawyer:

  • All medical information
  • All diagnosis and treatment records
  • Hospital bills and other payment receipts
  •  Therapist and chiropractor bills
  • Future treatment documents
  • The ambulance used—including the fees incurred
  • Date of hospital admission
  • Current prescription medicines
  • Insurance information

The Bottom-Line

 Hiring the best persona injury lawyer comes with a lot of benefits. From getting the best legal representation to receiving the right compensation—getting it right with your lawyer is important. The above tips will help you maximize your consultation with a personal injury lawyer.