How to Prevent Working Machine Accidents and Workplace Tragedy

Machine accidents are tragic events and are preventable by proper planning and following WHS policies and procedures. To learn more about how to prevent heavy machinery accidents, check out this simple guide!


Consider an Osha Injury and Illness Prevention Program to Limit Machine Accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is dedicated to workplace safety. They offer cooperative programs to help educate your workers on risk and injuries.

These plans also help reduce the chances of workplace accidents. They also can promote a better working environment.

These plans can lead to many benefits for you and your workers. These include increased worker productivity, higher job satisfaction, and morale. They can even lower costs and employee turnover.

At least 12 workers lose their lives on job sites per day in the United States. This leads to a staggering 4,500 deaths per year, per Osha statistics.

Osha also estimates that 4.1 million workers per year suffer severe job-related illness and injury. By using a prevention program, you can help make sure your business doesn’t add to those numbers.

Over 34 states and several nations worldwide require businesses to use these plans. The components of a successful prevention program include several factors to ensure success.

These components include identifying and assessing hazards, management leadership, accident control and prevention. Worker education and training and program evaluation are also vital.


How Do I Put an Injury and Illness Prevention Program in Place?

One of the most critical factors in preventing machine accidents is worker education. Each employee is aware of proper safety procedures and regulations.

Both leadership and workers must have a shared understanding of hazards. This is vital to control and prevent accidents.

You should make sure to review the plan regularly. This will help you make needed changes and ensure the program stays effective.

Your employees need to be aware of proper operating procedures to keep everyone safe. One useful tool is making sure that any heavy machinery is equipped with a disconnect switch.

These are large, colored switches that shut off active machines immediately in an emergency. Implementing them can help to prevent injury and death.


The Financial Effects of Workplace Injuries and Deaths

Unnecessary machine accidents result in more than just disruption to your business. They also create enormous burdens for any injured workers. Your employees suffer more than a possible life-changing injury. They may also experience large medical bills, lost wages, and even become disabled.

Employers can also suffer hefty financial penalties when dealing with machine accidents. These include the expense of training new workers and replacing materials or equipment. There are also wage costs due to any work stoppage.

This can be avoided by putting an injury and illness prevention plans into action. You will be keeping your employees safe while also doing what’s best for your business.


Prevent Machine Accidents With Proper Planning

By using the proper precautions and making sure to put a safety plan in place, you can reduce workplace injuries. When everyone knows how to be safe, your business will see the benefits. Keep browsing our website today for more articles like this!