Promotion in Tik Tok assumes that the author will regularly share content and create creative videos. To become popular, you need to learn the mechanics of recommendation and use it as an effective tool.

How to promote your first video on Tik Tok

You can promote TikTok from the first clip, if it was interesting and got into the recommendations. Basically, new users of the social network have privileges: if the video has low quality, but effects and popular music have been added, the recording will quickly appear in recommendations. Also, Tik Tok has features of promotion: some clips become popular after a couple of days, weeks or even a year.

Ways to promote a clip:

share with friends. For example, a user made his first clip and published it. To get first views, you need to send a link to other social networks;

put hashtags. Tags help promote posts and sort them by category;

subscribe to accounts with similar content. Then the social network will show the author’s publications in the same category;

write comments and attract subscribers to activity.

For example, TikTok promotes a post faster, where there are comments from regular fans and those who just saw in the recommendations. Communication with subscribers will help in promoting the profile, even if it was created recently.

TOP 5 topics in 2022: what is popular

The easiest way to promote TikTok is on popular topics such as social norms, tolerance, parenting, and more. Every year the topics for promotion change, so the author needs to have time to adapt to the trends and, in a sense, to predetermine them.

What’s Popular in 2022:

books and self-development. This topic has remained relevant since 2019, but it is better to use ideas with business books, useful information and links;

a common sense of the problem. The trend towards “pity” is gradually receding, so the authors of the videos are increasingly using irony to describe the situations that have happened to them;

parenting and motherhood. Useful information for those planning a family;

consideration of religious movements from the point of view of the layman. For those who were not interested or practically not versed in religions and confessions;

unique hobbies. Sewing vintage clothing, creating crafts and success stories in this area.

To increase views on Tik Tok for free, the author just needs to be creative and often write stories on the street. Filming dancing to music is no longer popular, so you need to look for other ways to increase your reach: social polls, city walks, and telling stories about funny situations.

Increase views on Tik Tok

The user will be able to raise views in Tik Tok for free through the regular posting of interesting entries.

How to post a clip to get featured in recommendations:

Go to Tik Tok – open the section: “Recommendations”.

Select a publication with at least 500 thousand views.

Use the same musical composition – see the tags used by the original author.

Make your own clip with the same tags and music.

Publish for general access.

Publications that were recorded in closed accounts do not go into trends. A confidential account type means that only subscribers will have access to posts.

If the activity in the profile has dropped

The main problem after which users want to increase views on Tik Tok is that the activity has dropped. This happens if the page is in the shadow ban, the author added an entry that was banned by the social network.

To raise activity on the page:

View all previously published posts.

Go to analytics – see which post has the least views and likes.

Remove post from the Feed – post another post.

Track activity for three days.

In Tik Tok, unlike other social networks, the promotion system works according to the quality of the content created and the previous interest of the public.

For example, a clip that has been well edited and thought out may not be included in the recommendations. But a record that has no meaning and was made in a couple of minutes can become popular.

This is due to the following factors:

comments and likes;

number of views;

reposts and “share” with other users.

Based on the interactions, you can determine how active the audience was. To make your clip viewable, you need to send it to your friends on the social network, try publishing it on other sites.

Content plan for fall-winter

The author can promote Tik Tok user through the preparation of a content plan. This is the order of posting, a list of ideas and sketches that can be useful for creating content.

How to make a content plan yourself:

Choose the main topic for your videos.

Deconstruct three popular topics.

Choose music compositions for specific shooting styles.

Make some videos and save as drafts.

But to preliminarily But to deal with filming, you can use a pre-compiled content plan:

autumn: preparing for school or a selection of books for self-education;

holidays: creating original home decorations, cooking dishes;

weather: autumn clothes, compilation of classic and non-standard looks;

home improvement: creative solutions how to make gray everyday life brighter;

films: what films can be watched on autumn evenings.

winter: what new technologies may appear next year;

preparation for the holidays: ideas for gifts;

weather: winter things, hobbies and hobbies that will help you create new clothes;

snowy days: snowmen, house exterior decoration;

vacation and holidays: how to have fun and how to organize your vacation.

This option is suitable for users who have started blogging recently. Based on the results of audience activity, you can determine which topics interested subscribers more. How to promote your Tiktok account – click here to know more.