While virtual phone numbers are a great option for business, many don’t know they can actually help with online lead generation. If you’re having trouble gaining leads online and you are looking for an affordable and effective solution, keep reading. This article outlines how virtual phone numbers can work to increase the effectiveness of online marketing efforts. Thus, making them a helpful way to increase the number of online business leads you get.


What are Virtual Phone Numbers?

Essentially, virtual phone numbers are phone numbers that utilize the internet for connectivity. This means they have high speeds and great performance. Plus, whether they’re local area code numbers or toll free numbers, they’re free for customers to use. So, just in that regard, if you give your customers a virtual phone number option with your online marketing efforts, you may get more leads. This is simply because customers may not call you if they know they have to pay for it.


What do Virtual Phone Numbers Have to do With Online Marketing?

Virtual phone numbers are a great online marketing tool because they can help with call tracking metrics. Essentially, you don’t know which of your marketing efforts are working without call tracking. For example, if you use the same business phone number on all your ads, you don’t know what ads are working and which aren’t. So, if you use the same number for your email marketing list as your PPC campaign, you won’t know which investment is worth it. However, if you set up a specific virtual phone number for each marketing campaign, you can determine which ones are worth keeping.

Without call tracking, you can spend thousands of dollars on marketing for no reason. You might think that your leads are coming in as a result of your lead generation website, but what if you’re wrong? Call tracking metrics allow you to save your precious marketing budget for the advertisements and techniques that work the absolute best. This way, your marketing budget is actually working to make your business more successful. And, you’re not just throwing money at whatever marketing scheme is currently trendy.


Using Virtual Numbers in Free Online Marketing Techniques

There is one online marketing technique that is free for anyone to utilize. However, it does take some industry knowledge and research to pull it off effectively. Content generation is one of the surest ways a lead generation website can succeed. Without quality content, websites will routinely get looked past by search engines like Google. When this happens and people plug in industry-related keyword searches relatable to your business, your website won’t rank. And, your website won’t generate nearly as many leads as you want.


One free way to make sure your content is working to bring in online leads is to create a blog. And, when you write a blog, you can implement a virtual phone number to track your efforts. When people call you from this number, you’ll start to see the benefit of your content generation. And, you’ll have something to talk about with your next potential customer (whatever content they’ve read on your website). This is another sure way that virtual phone numbers can help to increase website leads.


Give Your Business a Local Touch

When you offer a telephone number that matches the local area code of the audience you’re trying to reach, your leads will increase. People want to know that they’re working with a local retailer or service provider. So, they may react better to local phone numbers. Virtual international phone numbers allow you to utilize local phone numbers in specific internet marketing campaigns. This way, you can target specific areas to reach specific audiences of people. And, generate more leads online using your online presence.


Virtual Phone Numbers for Internet Marketing Efforts

All in all, using virtual numbers as business phone numbers can help to increase leads online. If you want to make the most of your internet marketing budget, consider all the benefits of using these types of numbers. After all, only you as a business owner can tweak your marketing campaigns by adjusting where they fall short. And, therefore, adapt to new changes in the internet marketing world.