Are you having trouble ranking your CBD or cannabis content? Do you want to take your CBD website to the next level? Then, this post is just for you as it looks at how you can rank CBD or cannabis content. The cannabis industry has experienced a great explosion in the United States since 2018. There is plenty of research being conducted and it has led to new products and dispensaries taking root. As the legal framework has made it easier for more research to be conducted and as more people start buying CBD products, investors are interested in investing heavily in the CBD market. Thus, if you want a piece of the market, you need to be able to rank your CBD content. The good news is that this post will equip you with all the information you need to create impressive content that helps boost your CBD ranking.

SEO and organic Google traffic are your best friends. As the CBD market emerges, SEO has become more competitive than ever before. Now is the time to start investing in SEO. The two major products that have become extremely popular in recent times are industrial hemp and marijuana. Many Americans can access legal marijuana today. Before you work on ranking your cannabis content, you should go over the terms of service of your web hosting and platform. Select providers that promote edgy content and unusual businesses. The same goes for payment providers.

SEO Opportunities

When it comes to ranking CBD or cannabis content, SEO plays a crucial role. Through detailed keyword research, you can uncover everything. It will provide you with an understanding of all the opportunities because of the rise in search volume. The following should be considered when choosing content and keywords.

  • Keyword difficulty
  • Page and domain authority of the ranking pages as compared to yours.
  • Position changes of successful websites.
  • Focus on search intent and find out whether the keyword matches with your product or service.
  • The trend over time and the average monthly searches.

Remember, the lower the keyword difficult the better. Stick to a keyword difficulty of below 10 if you have launched a new website. Established websites can aim for higher. Moreover, you should pull a ranking report and filter it by rankings of 1 to 10.

Analyze Existing Organic Search Traffic

Before you develop an SEO strategy, you should first analyze the existing organic search traffic. It is how you should always start a new CBD SEO strategy. Once you analyzed the current search traffic, you will be able to identify the key user behavior metrics like the following.

  • The keywords that cannabis consumers use to find their content.
  • The most popular or top-performing pages.
  • The number of unique users that came to the website through organic search.

Head over to the Google Analytics account of your website to find the abovementioned cannabis SEO data. You will need to implement the Google Analytics code to your website to be able to track the website data.

CBD Ranking Is All About Understanding How Users Search

When producing cannabis SEO content, you need to have an understanding of how cannabis users search when they are looking for CBD products. You must learn more about how users search. This is where an SEO copywriter will come in handy. It provides you with the insights you need to understand your users and create content that targets them. There are plenty of free keyword research tools that can be used for finding out what users search for. Although keyword research continues to play a huge role in ranking CBD or cannabis content, SEO is more focused on having an understanding of user search intent.

Mobile Optimization

CBD SEO requires mobile optimization if you want to take your website ranking to the next level. Even though it is super obvious, many people overlook the importance of mobile optimization. You need to develop a CBD SEO plan that incorporates mobile-optimization, mobile adaption, and mobile responsiveness. Since most cannabis users spend most of their time on their smartphones, you need to focus on mobile optimization. An effective CBD SEO strategy is based on an understanding of how mobile users and their searching habits differ as compared to desktop users. Make sure your CBD website is mobile-friendly.

Do Not Forget Social Media

When ranking CBD or cannabis content, you should not forget to use social media as it improves cannabis SEO. Organic social media offers an effective way to promote your CBD store. Google trusts and ranks websites that have more shares and other engagement factors over social media and it is due to this reason that social media is a vital search engine ranking factor that you cannot afford to overlook. Hence, you should create a social media account for your CBD store.

Optimize Page Load Time and Site Speed

Page load time and mobile site speed are two interconnected factors that you need to focus on. The truth is that we tend to ignore websites that take too long to load. This is why you cannot ignore the importance of optimizing the page load time and site speed. CBD users only use sites that load immediately. Thus, your site should load within 1 to 3 seconds. Research clearly shows that up to 53 percent leave a mobile page when it takes over 3 seconds to load.

Leverage Blogging to Boost SEO and Rankings

Blog writing provides you with a great opportunity. It can be leveraged to improve the search engine rankings of your website. Optimized blogging should be included in your CBD content marketing plan. It will help you build trust, relevance, and authority which cannabis users will be unable to ignore.


CBD SEO is all about understanding user intent, analyzing existing organic search traffic, mobile optimization, leveraging blogging, and being on the lookout for SEO opportunities. This post will help you improve your CBD ranking.