How to recognize a good SEO agency – are ratings sufficient?

For a successful internet presence a professional search engine optimization is necessary. Therefore it is important to cooperate with a professional and transparent SEO agency if you lack the necessary know-how. You can read in this article whether it is sufficient to select an SEO agency based on a good rating or whether further criteria should be considered.

SEO is not black magic, and SEO experts are not magician

SEO activities are not secret knowledge, which SEO company must protect as the manufacturer of the Coke protects its recipe. On the other hand, there is no trick that would allow a website to suddenly find itself on the 1st place for a competitive phrase and keep up with it. Google emphasizes very clearly that there is no “special relationship” with any SEO agency. Therefore, no one can promise first place in search results.

Good SEO takes time

When starting a new online store we should be patient. Google says directly: the waiting time for the effects of SEO is from 4 to 12 months. It is worth remembering that when signing a contract, in which the agency only accounts for the effects, because it may mean one of the following three scenarios:

  • SEO agency will use methods that will give a temporary effect and then Google will impose a penalty on your site (but the SEO agency will already earn something)
  • SEO agency will choose a conservative option (not to risk your time and money. Most often this means low-cost service, based on trainees and simple actions)
  • SEO agency will offer you phrases that are very easy to position because they are not very competitive. These phrases will not bring you any profit, but you will have to pay for them

Weighting of valuations depends on the service provided

In any case, evaluations are a first good indicator to get an impression. However, in the case of a service that usually only pays off after a longer investment, valuations should not be seen as the only decision factor.

It is better to refer to recommendations from one’s own social or professional environment after having seen the evaluations. For example, you can ask friends or business partners from your own network about a recommendable SEO agency.

Does the SEO agency have experience in your industry?

Reviews give a first direction, but do not necessarily say a lot about whether the corresponding SEO agency is familiar with your industry. However, this is a very important factor because an SEO agency with existing industry know-how can draw on existing experience from your market environment. After all, an SEO campaign is not only about a technical solution, but also about the agency taking your company with it.

Does the SEO agency have expertise in web analysis?

A core competence of SEO experts is so-called web analysis. Thematically related evaluations can already provide information here. However, the easiest way to find out whether there really is competence is to look for certain certificates of the agency, which are also issued by Google Analytics itself. In order to become a certified Google Analytics partner, extensive requirements must be met. For example, SEO agencies have to submit three successful Google Analytics projects to different customers to prove their professional competence.

The appearance of an SEO agency can be a good criterion for making a decision

Those who reveal more of themselves usually have nothing to hide. For example, it is advantageous if an SEO agency has a well-maintained website that provides information about the actual team. An actively maintained blog with technical contributions inspires confidence.

How are the company’s employees perceived? It is also advantageous if the agency has a name in the industry or, for example, acts as a speaker at conferences.

What is the contact with the customer like during the first contact?

Make your own impression of an SEO agency, instead of blindly being guided only by reviews, after all they should only give a first impression. An important criterion is the contact with the customer during the first contact. For example, is your enquiry answered individually and quickly and is your contact person competent? It is always an advantage if personal appointments can be arranged. You should become suspicious if your contact person wants to sell you a certain offer with print.

Take advantage of an initial consultation and ask questions

Your contact person should be able to answer your questions in a straightforward, transparent and honest manner. You should get the feeling that your contact person knows his trade. If your contact person makes too many promises to you right away and does not question anything or even strikes a critical note, this should make you skeptical. It is also important that the SEO agency takes sufficient time to answer your questions, concerns and wishes.

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