When you rent a property, you consider it as your own. You decorate it, put things that you love, improved it to make you feel comfortable with the place. However, when it’s time to move out, you are expected to clean the building. Make it good as new. Landlords expect a top to bottom cleaned property. It means that there are no debris, cobwebs, and nothing left behind. This is to make it easier for the landlord to show the place to another possible tenant. This will also guarantee that your bond money will be returned to you. You might think that cleaning the building is easy and do it your own. No! It’s not. It requires a lot of effort, time and energy. Besides, you have a whole lot of things to do on your priority list than cleaning the building. That’s why hiring someone to clean for you is the best idea. Here are some guides to help you find a competent end of lease cleaning company.



You can’t just pick random cleaning service company that you find on the internet. Picking the wrong one at the end of your house rent could mean extra fees from the landlord. To help you pick the right one, you should consider asking your friends, family or workmates if they have a company that they could recommend. You can ask about their experience with the service. Were they satisfied in terms of cleanliness? How long did it take to clean the property? Were all the problematic area touched? Asking questions like these will give you an idea if these are the things you are looking for in a cleaning service company. Take note of the company names that were referred to you. You can also try to search them on the internet to check if there are reviews or comments provided by the people who already tried their service. If people only have bad words about the service, that’s definitely not a good sign. If it’s a mix of good and bad, then that’s an average. A very good choice would be a company that has consistent good scores and very good reviews.



Once you have the list, try to contact their customer service for assistance. You may have other questions that you need to clarify with them. Example, you can ask them the procedure on how they will clean the house. The tools that they’ll use. What cleaning materials are they using? You can also tell them what you want and how you want them to clean the house. Tell them your preferences when it comes to cleaning products. A good company must understand and consider customer requirements. They must be able to assist you. A company that listens very well to your concerns is important. There should be open and clear communication because this will help you in your decision making.


License and Insurance

Understand that you do not know these people who will clean the building. Of course, you want to protect the property. As much as possible you want to feel secure in letting some people in the building even though you are already moving out. This is one of the most important you should consider in choosing an end of lease cleaning service. It’s essential that you hire the service from the company that is licensed to operate. Check if the business is operating legally and if they are authorized to hire employees. Make sure that the employees underwent careful background checks. This is to avoid exposing the property to possible criminals. It would be helpful if the employees are highly trained and experienced. Aside from license, the company must also have insurance to cover for damages that will occur during the cleaning. Any item that is lost while the cleaning takes place should be replaced. Another thing that should be covered by insurance is the cleaners. Let’s say one of the cleaners fell while climbing the ladder to reach the top part of the wall or the man mopping the wet floor slips, are you responsible to bring them to the hospital?  These matters are important to tackle with the company you are going to hire. You should verify this information to save yourself from a headache. A company with a good reputation and a good record is important.



Every cleaning company has different rates. Some company asks for a higher rate than others. Most of the time, the price depends on how big the building is, the tasks that will be done to clean based on the condition of the house, the location and some other factors. Do not hesitate to inquire about rates from the cleaning company, this will help you estimate.  You should know what type of cleaning service you want so that you will know if you will be paying a fair rate. You can ask the company to send someone to check the property. From there, ask them to give you a price quote. If you have more than one company option, compare their prices and go for the one that you think will give you your money’s worth.


Choosing a cleaning company is not easy as there are many of them to choose from. Plus there are independent cleaners that also offer their services. You may choose an individual to do the cleaning for you to save money but remember that more often than not, a cleaning company provides more structured cleaning that an individual cleaner won’t. A cleaning company is more organized, more efficient and they have someone to supervise to check the quality of their performance and if they are doing the correct job. Remember that you are moving out and to ensure that the landlord will give back your money, you must impress him by returning the property the way it was when you moved in or maybe more. And the only way to make sure that an extensive process of cleaning will be done is to hire the services from a cleaning company.