eCommerce web development is easier than ever before. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily create an ecommerce website without much hassle and start selling your products online. All you need to do is use a website builder to have your ecommerce website created in no time. However, coming up with the product idea, the product souring and creation takes longer. But, you can have the website building process streamlined.

As the world moves towards online shopping, more and more ecommerce stores are opening up every single day. Thus, now is the perfect time to create your very own ecommerce website. This post will help you set up a simple ecommerce website. Remember, creating an ecommerce site might be a bit different from creating a blog or a standard website. Besides getting a domain name, you will need to choose a hosting service and software for processing the payments. Creating a simple ecommerce website requires little initial investment.

Find Your Niche & Conduct Market Research

Before you set up the ecommerce website, the first thing that you need to do is find your niche and conduct market research. It is vital that you find out whether your product is in fact demanded. Therefore, you should spend some time finding the right products to sell to the right market. Search for trending products. When you align your ecommerce website with the products that are trending, you can expect more sales. Rely on Google Trends, Trend Hunter, and Instagram influencers to find out which products are trending.

Choose an Ecommerce Website Builder

Once you have gained an insight into what you should sell, it is time that you chose an ecommerce website builder. It is important that you learn more about different platforms before you commit to one. An ecommerce website builder allows you to launch your ecommerce store in record time. There are plenty of ecommerce website builders out there that feature beautiful themes. One of the best ecommerce website builders is SimpleShop. It is dedicated to ensuring that you easily create your ecommerce website. SimpleShop is a very simple ecommerce website builder that allows you to get started for free. There is no contract or credit card required and you can cancel anytime. There are no limits when you use the platform for creating an ecommerce website. No limits on product listings, no limits on sales volume, and no commission.

There is no denying that choosing an ecommerce website builder can be overwhelming, but when you use SimpleShop, you will realize that there is no other ecommerce website builder that you need. It offers simple integration with multiple plugins and payment gateways. World Pay, PayPal, and Stripe are just some of the payment gateways that are integrated. With SimpleShop, you get to kick start your ecommerce marketing efforts, can measure how customers visit the website and what they look at using Google Analytics. Take advantage of advanced ecommerce plugins to take your business to the next level. Consider full ecommerce functionality and choose an ecommerce plan that covers payment options, coupon codes, shopping cart, and inventory management.

Use SimpleShop to find a suitable template for the website. Then, you can edit the website by clicking on the elements of the website that you would like to change. The drop-down list will show you which changes have been made. Configure the shopping cart and add products to the store.

Extend the Website With Plugins

Now that the online store has been setup, you should add other elements to it such as the about page, contact form, and more. Add features such as sliders, galleries, and contacts by using plugins. You can use WordPress plugins for more options as the platform offers more than 46,000 plugins. The plugins will add more functionality to the website.

Get  Ready To Sell

When setting up a simple ecommerce website, you should consider whether the packaging and shipping can be handled on your own. It will make your life a whole lot easier. You need to make sure that the products will be properly packaged and shipped on time. There are certain companies that can help you with the packaging and shipping. Therefore, it is best to find out your options.

Choose a Domain Name

After you have decided which ecommerce website builder to use, it is time that you choose a domain name. You need to secure a domain name in order to start using the website. Purchase a domain name from a reputable platform. Make sure that the domain name is easy to remember and unique. The domain name should incorporate the brand name and its ethos. Many website builders allow you to purchase a domain name directly from their platform. Therefore, you will not need to use different services. You will also need to choose the platform for the ecommerce website. Some popular platforms include WordPress.

Choose a Hosting Partner

Now that you have selected a domain name, you will need to choose a hosting partner to host the website. There are different plans offered which is why you should learn more about the plans before you consider choosing one. Choose a long-term plan for maximum savings. A normal 2-year plan will offer a good deal of features. Select the online store option to find out the best deals.

Launching the Store and Selling Products

After you have done everything as mentioned in this post, you are ready to launch the ecommerce website. But, do not launch the website until it has been fully polished. Since first impression is everything, you need to make sure that the website is impeccable and lacks and mistakes. Hence, you should spend some time going through each page of the website for broken links, typos, and other things which might not work. Make sample purchases to evaluate the checkout process and find out if it works smoothly.