Just like many other styles of body modification, ear stretching is beautiful and exciting to look at. There are so many different options when it comes to the style of jewelry you can wear in your stretched lobes too. From gold weights to delicate gemstones and detailing – they bring something unique to a person’s appearance. 

If you have decided that you are ready to stretch your lobes, then here is how you can do it without causing severe damage. 


Preparing The Lobe For Stretching

You are going to need to relax the lobe area before you start the stretching process. Ideally, you have had your ears pierced for some time, and they are healed up well. Hold a warm compress on the lobe for a couple of minutes, gently massage the ear lobe. Wash the area and pat dry. Apply oil like vitamin E oil or Jojoba oil to the lobe. Spend 5 minutes massaging the lobes. Do it twice a day for a few days. 


Stretching with Tapers

You will have your taper stretcher ready for this already. A taper is thinner at one end than the other and provides a gentle way to stretch your ears. 

Wash your hands and your ear lobes well. Once dry apply 3-5 drops of your chosen oil to the lobs and massage in. 

Slide the tapered end into the piercing hole and wait for a moment. If the skin turns white, you are moving it too fast and at risk of tearing your lobe. In which case pull it back out a little and wait. 

Once you are happy with your stretch, you can then slide the two o-rings on either side of the hole. Stop right before the o-rings touch your skin. It is normal for your ears to feel a little tender for a few days. There might be some mild throbbing, swelling, and you may experience itching. You shouldn’t see any bleeding at any point. If they bleed, it means that you have likely torn the ear rather than stretched. 


Stretching With Weights

It is recommended that if you intend to stretch your lobes using weights that you wait until they are stretched at least ½ an inch first. And, it is also recommended that you only do this on fully healed stretched piercings. You shouldn’t wear weights in your lobe for too long, as they can contribute to the thinning of your earlobes though, but many people enjoy how they look. Not only that but the weights pull specifically on one part of the lobe, and the stretch will be concentrated there. You should give your lobe time to rest between wearing weights. 



Performing oil massages are the best ways to maintain a healthy ear lobe during the stretching process. It helps to break down the scar tissue and promotes healthy circulation and skin. There are occasions that your ear may stretch too quickly, and there might be small tears. Warm sea salt soak will help your lobe heal and prevent infection too. If you stretch your ear way too fast, you can get a blowout. This is when the inside of your stretching hole ends up on the outside. You need to downsize and let your ear rest if this is the case. 

Take it slow, give you ears plenty of massages, and you’ll successfully stretch your lobes.