Do you want to travel to Tibet? Are you looking for information about how to travel to Tibet? Then, this post is just for you as it looks at how you can travel to Tibet in 2020. Known as the “Roof of the World”, Tibet is a place like none another. It truly showcases the wonders of Mother Nature. As the average elevation in Tibet exceeds 14,800 ft or 4,500 meters, the Tibetan Plateau is considered to be the largest and highest plateau in the world. The size of the Tibetan Plateau is 2,500,000 sq km which is as much as five times the size of France. If you want to travel to Tibet, you need to read on. Although it might seem challenging, traveling to Tibet is definitely possible. Find out how you can make the most out of this incredible place on Earth.

Understanding The Geography

When it comes to geography in Tibet, there is something for everyone. From stunning snow-peaked mountains to zigzagging highways that weave their way along high passes and turquoise lakes, you will feel intrigued throughout your time in Tibet. The autonomous region of Tibet is home to the well-known Everest Base as well as many of the highest peaks in the world. Even the most hardened of traveler will be impressed by the power of Tibet. Moreover, the people in Tibet will leave you humbled.

Modern Day Tibet

Despite the controversy about China’s iron fist control of the region, Tibet is a resilient land that has deep faith and a very rich culture. Religious control and oppression over the past 50 years has failed to put an end to the devotion Tibetans have in their faith. You will come across Chinese neon signs during your stay in the capital of Tibet, Lhasa and yet there are many hardcore pilgrims in the land. There are plenty of beautiful monasteries that fill Tibet and the aroma of butter tea reigns supreme. The Tibetan faith and identity remains.

Why You Need To Travel To Tibet

Traveling to Tibet might seem controversial. Many people living in the West believe that visiting an oppressed nation such as Tibet supports the political indoctrination of the nation/ province. It is understandable to have such a view and to oppose the hard-headed tactics of China, but a visit to Tibet is not the same as supporting the current regime. On the contrary, it is important that more people visit Tibet to provide support and raise attention over the issues. Travel is a type of education as it allows you to meet with the locals and see things from their perspective. This will help you learn more about the situation in Tibet.

How You Can Travel To Tibet?

Tourism in Tibet is not the same as tourism in France. It is highly restricted and foreigners are not allowed to independently travel. Foreigners need to prearrange a Tibet tour in order to receive a permit from the Tibet Tourism Bureau. Only travelers from Hong Kong and China are free to visit Tibet without a visa. Every company which provides Tibet tours offers a visa from the TTB. It is necessary to obtain the visa if you want to book a tour with a company. If you do not have a visa, then you will not be allowed to board a train or flight to Tibet.

Many visitors to Tibet also need an additional Chinese Visa before they can consider traveling to Tibet. Hence, it is crucial that your Chinese visa is at least valid for a month before you embark on a trip of lifetime to Tibet. However, when you apply for a Chinese visa, you must not mention that you work as a journalist or that you plan on visiting Tibet. Nevertheless, a trip to Tibet is delightful and if you choose a tour company such as Explore Tibet, you will have nothing to worry about as the company will handle everything from you.

Why You Need To Choose A Tour Company Such As Explore Tibet?

In order to successfully obtain a Tibetan and Chinese visa, you need to choose a tour company such as Explore Tibet. Even if you are single traveler, you get to take advantage of guaranteed departure. However, it is vital that you confirm your interest for traveling to Tibet 60 days in advance. On the other hand, anyone that confirms their travel three months in advance will get to benefit from 5% off with the early birds reward. Keep in mind that a small Tibet group tour consists of 12 people at most so as to avoid mass tourism and maintain service quality. There is no forced shopping or tourists traps that you have to worry about. Moreover, there are no hidden costs that you need to worry about. In addition to this, Explore Tibet uses 100% local services to ensure Responsible Tourism.

Tibet Itinerary

A great thing about choosing a tour company like Explore Tibet is that the company ensures that only the best itinerary is prepared and followed for the best experience. There are various types of Tibet group tours that are offered and each of the tours is extremely popular among travelers.

Budget Travel Tibet

If you are looking for budget travel to Tibet, then you need to use the services offered by Explore Tibet. The tour company makes sure that even single backpackers get to take advantage of the tour prices offered to those traveling in groups. Thus, traveling to Lhasa and the Mount Everest Base Camp is possible with Explore Tibet. The company provides regular departures to Tibet. Everyone has experienced an amazing trip so far and it is highly recommended to travel with Explore Tibet for the best experience.

When Should You Travel To Tibet?

Although you can travel to Tibet all year round, the best time to visit this part of the world is in summer and spring. Consider traveling during April to October as it is during this time that the weather is not very harsh and Tibet tends to be entirely accessible.