How to upgrade delivery packages?

There will be a moment in our lives where we all place an online order. Some of us will do it every week, others once a year. The joy of opening the package is always a moment of joy when you order something you have eagerly awaited for to arrive. It is therefore a big disappointment if you receive a simple brown box with only the product in it and nothing else. People want to be excited and surprised by colors, wrappings and little additional gifts. 


Folding cards 

It’s very fashionable these days to add an explanation about the product or brand from which the consumer receives something. A little backstory about the history of the brand increases brand loyalty. A creative way of doing so is adding folding cards with backstories to packages. 


First impression

You get home from a long day at work, open your door and there it is. The package you have been waiting for all week with your newest clothing. What would get you more excited, a plain box with only a shipping label on it or a box in the colors of the brand with cool features? Spare us the answer, we already know it ;-).

So do you ship your own products to customers? Do not hesitate and have your packaging printed


A little present

What do customers like more than receiving a package they have paid for? Receiving something in the same package they have not paid for! When you receive something you were not expecting there will be more joy than with something you were. Little gifts like stickers, accessoires or gadgets are worth considering adding if you want to increase loyalty to your brand. 


unpacking sensation

A product we see repeatedly coming back in packages is tissue paper. Tissue paper was put in packages, mostly with textile products in it, to protect the content. People soon started to notice that when you let the tissue paper get printed it will get a very unique look which will improve the unpacking sensation. Nowadays tissue paper comes with almost every textile product you order online.