There is beauty in your Instagram profile bio. This segment is better followed with a clear call for action. Up to 150 characters will be used to better work on a fast, snappy CTA.

To the market, a good CTA would be an absolute no brainer. You know now that you can see your stuff, so make sure you take a peek at your profile, providing something you know they’re going to enjoy.

You want to be as easy and as pointless as possible in building a solid CTA. Because you can just get a live link to Instagram, which is in your organics, you want to get the most interest from that link.

Your organics will be compelling, too. You have a few seconds to determine if you are going to buy real Instagram followers who actually want to enjoy your content and give you instagram likes. Your bio will take care of it and allow it to follow you or, at least, to start scrolling down to search your contents.


Remember how we added the motto “Constructing a company like massgress is challenging” in our biography. We have done this to capture the attention of the first visitor to our profile. We want to relate to each other and elicit emotional responses so we are followed and continued by Instagrammers.

Your organics will be searchable as well. Our search results showed our profile as users use such words for Instagram searches. The phrases “startup,” entrepreneurs,’ “entrepreneur magazine” were included.

Hashtags that look like only boring teens using it, but believe us, that is not the case. The keywords followed by #. They provide audiences with a way to quickly connect to subjects of interest to them. The addition of # hashtags to your picture makes it easier for those who are not already following you to find your post.

Next, look up and list the most common Instagram hashtags in your niche. We needed to create a wide list of keywords, which were important for our outputs and for the general purposes of our photographs (# entrepreneur, # business, # startup). If you need a reliable hashtag generator tool, then this website has got you covered.