Welcoming a furry friend into your family is absolutely wonderful. The first few weeks are probably the most exciting ones as you and your new four-legged buddy are getting to know each other and creating a long-lasting bond. But this is also the most challenging time as your pooch can have a hard time transitioning from one home to another and adjusting to his new life. Not to mention that you and your family members, whether they’re human or furry, have some adjusting to do as well. So here are some tips on how to make the transition smoother for your adorable fluffy addition and all the other creatures living under your roof.

Keep calm

When you bring your new dog home it’s easy to get carried away and suffocate him with your love and attention. Of course pets require affection, but when they’re taken from their environment into a completely unfamiliar place they need space to breathe and take everything in. Even an easygoing breed like mini goldendoodle that adapts fasts to new environments can feel stressed and overwhelmed by all the sudden changes. So it’s best to control your excitement, stay calm and offer your new pooch the peace and quiet it needs to adjust. 

Show him around

Once you’re home, it’s time for your four-legged friend to explore his new surroundings. Obviously, that doesn’t mean you should let him wander around unattended. You should do a complete tour of the house with him, going from room to room and introducing him to all your family members. He might be tempted to take matters into his own paws and stray away from you, so make sure you keep him by your side at all times. 

Ensure a peaceful and safe environment

Now your home is his home, but inside the house your pooch should have his own little space where he can feel safe and comfortable. You won’t always be next to him, so your pet needs a special place to stay while you’re away or when you have things to do around the house. His safe sport can be a certain corner of your living room that he seems to enjoy, his crate or his bed.  

Have all the necessary supplies 

If you want your pet to feel at home, you must have all the basic dog supplies and accessories ready, so you don’t have to go back and forth to the pet shop every time your pooch needs something. Make a list with all the dog care essentials, including crate, bed, food and water bowls, a dog blanket, food and treats, toys and other products that you might require to prepare for your new life together. 

Create a routine 

Dogs thrive on routine since they’re creatures of habit, so as soon as you welcome your dog into the house, you must create a schedule and establish some basic rules. Make sure to stick to the same routine every day, so your dog can get accustomed to it and feel more at ease in his new home.