How to Write a Strong Thesis Statement

How to write a thesis statement? How to write a thesis? Travis Meade, a head of academic writers at professional essay writing service EssayWritingService, always says, “The successful completion of an essay requires paying attention to multiple things, a thesis statement being one of them.” You may feel that writing a thesis statement is not necessary, but the fact is that without writing such a statement, it would be easy for you to ensure the quality and consistency of the paper. It is a common observation that students find it difficult to write quality thesis statements and most of them end up getting poor grades in their essays and assignments.

If you want to ensure your success or have waited for long before coming to a point where you are able to write your own thesis statement, then it is mandatory to pay attention to several things.


Your thesis statement should be specific

How to write a good thesis? While writing a thesis statement, you may think about what is a thesis statement. It is actually a single sentence that is written in the end of the introductory paragraph. You should make sure that the thesis statement is specific and that it contains simple yet impressive words. For this purpose, you can take help from the internet or can find offline sources in which tips on writing thesis statements are clearly mentioned.


The right place of the thesis statement

If you get a chance to see some of the best thesis examples, you will get to know that writing a thesis statement is sophisticated, as it is not an ordinary statement or sentence that is to be ignored. Instead, you should pay utmost attention to the quality, as well as have to place it at the end of the first paragraph. In the first paragraph of an essay, you will introduce the topic, and the purpose of placing the thesis statement in its last sentence is that it becomes visible to the readers and they get to know what you are going to talk about in the whole essay.


Your topic may change as you write

While writing a thesis statement or the entire paper, the topic may change, and you do not have to worry about it. Instead, your focus should be on maintaining the quality and practicing every single day. If you do some practice, then you will get to know how to make the essay look flawless and what to do to write a strong thesis statement. The chance is that the supervisor will change your topic, so to avoid this problem, you should present your own list of topics or thesis statements and request the supervisor to choose one of those ideas for you to write on.


Make a Thesis Question

There are multiple forms and types of thesis statements, and success can be ensured if you make a thesis question. You should use simple yet understandable language and ensure that the thesis question is clear to your target audience. If you will use confusing words or phrases or will not make a thesis question, then it may become impossible for you to leave a good impression on the supervisor.


Brainstorm Answers

A good thesis statement requires you to answer the thesis question using clear and professional words. Ideally, you can come up with multiple, relevant answers of the thesis question and may have to select the most suitable options for yourself. This would be possible only when you collect data from multiple sources and know how to answer a single question using varying words and in different styles of writing.


Pick a Thesis Answer

Once a list of answers has been prepared, the next important step is to pick one of those answers. A strong thesis statement is the one that urges the readers to leave their comments and feedback and raises a number of questions in their minds. If you select multiple answers and want to use all of them in the paper, then the quality will be compromised.


Make a Thesis Road-Map

Another good option is to make a roadmap or an outline. You might have observed that the thesis statement of a paper is clearly written at the top of the outline. Please bear in mind that the outline you create has to be to the point and understandable for the readers. It does not need to be longer than one to two pages, and all important points need to be mentioned in the outline. You can seek the help of your teacher or senior fellows in this regard or can go to your parents to ask how a quality thesis statement is written.


Add Emphasis

There is a strong need to learn how to add emphasis to the thesis statement. For this purpose, you can check various examples on the web or can get guidance or assistance of your lecturer. The purpose should be to solve a specific problem through your paper, and you must avoid writing it in a generic form.

All of these are easy to follow steps and can guarantee great results. If you will keep doing practice, then your chances of achieving success in the class will surely be high.