Do you have a pet? Are you looking for a superhero portrait of your pet to show your love? Then, this post is just for you. Whether you have a cat or dog, or just about any other pet, there is no denying that your pet is a great source of joy and happiness. This is why it is important to show your pet some love every now and then. A superhero portrait of your pet is the best way to do so. You can get a portrait of your pet as batman, superman, and just about any other superhero that comes to your mind. If you feel that your pet resembles any superhero or has qualities of a superhero, then you should get a superhero portrait made just for your pet. A Custom Superhero pet portrait by Custom Pet Portrait is just what you need.

Custom Pet Portrait makes the best superhero portraits of pets. They make a great gift and are the perfect choice to memorialize a pet that has passed away. There is no better place to get a superhero portrait for your pet. Can your little puddle be a superhero? With Custom Pet Portrait, everything is possible. Entertain your pet by getting a custom-made superhero portrait. Besides, your pet deserves to be treated like a superhero. All those cuddles and hugs require a portrait. It is time that you returned the favor.

Superhero Animals

Who said that pets cannot be superheroes? Custom Pet Portrait makes amazing superhero portraits of pets. The portraits made are so realistic that you will actually feel that your pet is in fact a superhero. Have a portrait made that highlights the distinctive qualities of your pet such as their ability to keep spiders away or to run and get the mail at lightning speed. Whatever special skill your pet might have, it has to be showcased through a superhero portrait. Pets are a bundle of joy. They wait for their owners to get home from run and run to meet them. How can someone even wake up without having a dog lick them up in the morning? It is a question that only non-pet owners can answer. Even if you do not have a pet but have always wanted to get one, you can simply contact Custom Pet Portrait to make a customized superhero portrait.

Ultimate Present

If it is your pet’s birthday, the New Year, adoption anniversary, Christmas, or any other special occasion, it is crucial that you get your pet something unique such as a superhero portrait. A superhero portrait of your pet is the ultimate present. You can hang it in your bedroom or next to the other family pictures. Your pet is a part of the family and deserves to have a picture of itself on the wall. Moreover, Custom Pet Portrait offers customized superhero portraits for pets every type of occasion. Get an original art Christmas present for your pet.

Variety of Options

When you consider getting a superhero portrait of your pet made from Custom Pet Portrait, you have an abundance of options to choose from. The portrait will be just how you want it to be. Some of the popular superhero portraits that are commonly made are mentioned below.

  • It’s a Bird (Superman): The “It’s a Bird (Superman)” superhero portrait is a favorite among pet owners. If superman is your favorite superhero, then it is a good idea to choose their portrait type.
  • Dead Pawl: The Dead Pawl superhero portrait is just as hilarious as its name. If Dead Pool is a movie that you binged with your pet, then you should consider getting the Dead Pawl superhero portrait.
  • Wonder Dog/ Pet: Your pet is absolutely wonderful and you should let your pet know just how wonderful you think of it by getting the Wonder Dog/ Pet superhero portrait. It is a classic.
  • Black Widow: The Black Widow superhero portrait is another popular option. It is interesting and perfect for pets who are the lone avenger.

How Can You Get a Superhero Portrait of Your Pet?

Custom Pet Portrait has made it extremely easy to get a superhero portrait of your pet. The following steps will help you get a superhero portrait of your pet in no time.

Upload Image

The first thing that you need to do in order to get the portrait made is upload an image of your pet. Keep in mind that the image should be of high quality. Normally, a picture taken from your phone’s camera should be good enough. Make sure that you take a good picture of your pet as it would be used as inspiration. The exact image will be used. Hence, make sure to choose the best picture of your pet. The following suggestions will help you take the best picture of your pet.

  • Both ears of your pet should be inside the frame.
  • No collar should be worn by your pet.
  • Your pet has should face the camera. You can also opt for a slight angle.
  • The picture should be taken at eye-level with the pet.


The lighting of the photo plays a huge role in the end result. It is best that you do not take a picture in direct sunlight as too much of light would bounce off onto your pet’s face or head. Thus, the image would appear rather blown out. It would only make it more difficult for the image to blend into the design of the portrait. However, keep in mind that pictures that are too dark would end up losing a lot of detail. Thus, natural light during the day should suffice.

For All Pets

Custom Pet Portrait makes superhero portraits for all types of pets. Whether you have a rooster, lizard, or even a pig, you can simply upload a high quality picture of your pet’s face and Custom Pet Portrait will make an amazing superhero portrait just for your pet.