There’s little doubt there is a direct correlation between the state of your relationship and your health. Whether you are aiming to find a date partner online or you’ve been in a committed relationship for some time, if you approach your connection objectively, prepared to resolve issues, this positivity will be reflected in your physical wellbeing. However, a bad relationship will have a negative impact on your health for several reasons.


Mental health

In the early stages of a relationship, it’s common to fret about whether or not you’ve made a good impression. What did they think of your personality? Are they going to phone? Will they want to keep in touch? Those early dates can be particularly traumatic. Assuming everything has gone well and your relationship has taken off, there will still be moments when you face undue trauma. Arguments or disagreements can have a considerable impact. There will be other issues facing your relationship which you have no control over, such as someone being relocated due to work commitments, debt problems or physical health issues. All of these worries can have a negative impact on your mental health as prolonged periods of stress can eventually lead to more severe spells of depression.


Cardiovascular issues

The natural ups and downs of any relationship will have an impact on your cardiovascular activity. If there are times when you and your partner are frequently disagreeing, then this is bound to have an adverse effect on your blood pressure. This, in turn, will have a negative impact on your heart rate. The longer-term health problems associated with cardiovascular issues can be quite serious, as heart disease is one of the prime killers in modern society. If you are having problems, it would be far better to try and talk these through, rather than allow any situation to continue unresolved.



One of the most common reactions to any period of dissatisfaction within a relationship is to resort to unhealthy actions. For instance, after a blazing row, one of the parties might storm out of the home and be compelled to go to the nearest bar to drown their sorrows in a few drinks. Others might resort to buying a packet of cigarettes, despite having given up this terrible habit some time ago. But an even more common response would be to comfort eat. While this might not seem quite as dangerous as overindulging in alcohol or nicotine, it will still have a negative effect. Binge eating commonly focuses on very fatty foods which are high in sugar content. Eating junk food will give a short-term boost, but there are more permanent health aspects, such as obesity, to be taken into consideration. This will also prompt cardiovascular problems and the longer this situation persists, diabetes will become an issue.


Bad habits

If a relationship is not going well, as mentioned a common response is to try and mask the issue by indulging in forbidden pleasures. This could lead to smoking, drinking, overeating or even indulging in drugs. The problem with taking onboard narcotics is they can cause serious health issues in the long run. It would obviously be a far more positive response to any blip in a contented relationship to try and talk through areas of friction rather than someone feeling there is no other resort other than to lose themselves in mind-altering substances. The problem with self-medicating is it can be very difficult to control the intake. What might start as a bit of relatively harmless escapism from the traumas of a relationship could lead to an illegal habit developing.