Electric skateboards are better than normal ones because of the ease of use they offer. With the gas prices going high, you can actually cut down the cost of fuel, by commuting through an electric skateboard. Skateboards not only make for an economical option but also save you from traffic jams and you don’t have to worry about parking spaces and their fee. You can carry your skateboard inside your office and place it on a side. Electric skateboards make a novel way of travelling from one place to another and you can inspire others to adopt environment friendly ways to travel. Following are the the best electric skateboards for college you can look for:



The Ownboard W1S is a shockproof and waterproof skateboard of the most exceptional quality. If you are a seasoned rider, you must own an Ownboard W1S. The Ownboard goes as fast as 40 km/h. It only takes 3 hours to charge fully. The Ownboard also has padding that provides a better grip and also minimizes vibrations from the road. Another interesting feature that the Ownboard has is the small screen that shows the battery percentage, so you don’t have to go to the remote every time you want to see the remaining battery.


  1. Meepo V2

The Meepo V2 goes the fastest at 29 Kmh. It can go up to 11 miles and can sustain 16 lbs weight. This electric skateboard is equipped with 4 ride modes. The Meepo V2 has the most powerful batteries. The braking system is also very advanced and the total stopping time of the board has also been improved.


  1. Wowgo 2S

The Wowgo 2S has been labelled as the best electric skateboard of 2017-2018. The board is known for good quality and high performance. The Wowgo 2S have improved battery life that helps you maintain high speeds even when the battery is running low. The skateboard comes covered in a solid special glue that can prevent damage caused by shock, water and dust. The electric skateboard is made of Canadian maple which ensures strength and durability.


  1. Teamgee H9

The Teamgee H9 has been designed to be as lightweight as possible, weighing at 13 lbs. The electric board can go as fast as 40 kph. The thin lightweight body has a small battery attached to it. The longboard is elevated 8km from the road which makes it closer to the ground than other boards. This increases stability and ensures a comfortable ride. With the Teamgee H9, you don’t have to worry about a substantial battery pack showing. The sleek battery pack has been hidden underneath your feet, where it is protected from rain, dust and shock.


  1. Blink S2

The Blink S2 promises to deliver excellent performance with a tremendous range. The significant advantage of the board is that it works at an incline of 20% which aids fluid mobility. It is controlled with the help of a wireless remote control, so you need to make sure that you don’t lose the remote. The range of this electric skateboard is up to 14 miles. The regenerative braking system is excellent for avoiding shock when you brake suddenly. If you live in an area that has a variety of terrains, you can significantly benefit from the three riding modes offered by Blink S2.

If you’re a skateboard enthusiast looking to up your game, you need to try an electric skateboard. It’s also great for surfers who want to have that experience on land. It is also a great option to travel to work or your university. It is a onetime investment, and after that, you need to replace the batteries. The electric skateboard also provides a fuss-free way to navigate through heavy traffic. So, get your hands on an electric skateboard from the best ones we have listed above.