Selling a product you make or have has a great feeling attached to it. You make money and are, in a way, also helping people with their needs. However, what is the point of a product when the customer or buyer does not know how to use it? 60% of the time, that is the case. Customers tend to buy products but get completely confused as to how to use it. Which is why it is always important to include a user manual with your product.

As a seller or manufacturer of a certain product, you may find it ridiculous to include a user manual with your product. Mostly because you are already experienced in using it and it is easy for you to use. You may think of it to be as simple as wearing a shoe. However that is not the case. Including a user manual is a responsibility of the company or manufacturer since your customers only pay you to avoid dealing with any types of problems with using the product. Take a look at a certain user manual to realise how it makes the life of your customer easy as well as it makes your life easy.

  • Including a user manual helps you steer clear of legal claims. No matter how easy it seems to you to use the product, it isn’t the same case with the customer. Which is why it is very important for you to provide a user manual. Especially when there is some technical or electric-based product you are selling which has the potential to harm your customers. If your product harms a client or customer of yours, you may be liable for their injury. Even if you end up winning the case in a court, your brand image and reputation will be destroyed. All of this can simply be avoided by including a good user manual.
  • Detailed and comprehensive user manuals increase your sales. It is no secret that many potential buyers, before buying a certain product, tend to read the manuals and instructions before buying it. If there is no user manual included or the user manual is too hard to read, the customer may get frustrated. They may decide against buying your product. Moreover, it may also be difficult for a salesperson to sell your product if they do not understand the manual you provide them with.
  • Have translated versions of user manual. Yes, this can require more hard work but it will be very worth while for your business. This is because it will enable you to sell your product in the global market. More people will be willing to buy your product and may start trusting your brand.

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