Singapore is the commercial hub of Asia. Everyone flocks to the tiny island nation in search of better opportunities and with that also come chances of catching an STD. STD stands for sexually transmitted disease and it is more common than one may think. Many young people in Singapore are sexually active and that means that their chances of contracting an STD increase as they grow older.


Here are some important things which Singaporeans need know about getting tested for STDs:

  • Getting regularly tested for any symptoms of STDs is the best decision you could make when it come to protecting your health. It is important to detect STDs at an early stage in order to avoid any serious health outcomes such as infertility or cervical cancer.
  • It is fast and easy to get tested. The rapid HIV tests are a great example as the results can be received within 20 minutes by just swab in your mouth. Other tests require you to urinate inside a cup. There are no needles involved.
  • Majority of the STDs can be treated and even cured such as HIV. The earlier you learn about your status, the faster you could get cured. Doctors don’t usually conduct an STD test when you visit and that is why it is important to get tested on your own.
  • It is not easy to tell if someone has contracted an STD by just looking at them. There are some STDs which do not even cause any symptoms. As has been observed, many women or men who have Chlamydia might not have any symptoms. Usually, it takes up to 10 years for people with HIV to even develop any symptoms. The only way you will find out your status is by actually getting tested.
  • Young people are most affected by the epidemic and that is why it is important for young people to get tested for STDs more regularly.


The Best Place to Get an STD Test Singapore

Having sex with multiple partners or not using protection are likely causes of catching an STD. Homosexual men are the most likely affected group by the epidemic of STDs or AIDs. It is important for Singaporeans to become aware of the likelihood of one catching and STD and to educate themselves on the disease as well as to regularly get tested. Get an STD test Singapore to stay on the safe side.

It is essential to always use lubricants and protection when engaging in sex. Your health is most important when it comes to having sex. There is nothing to be ashamed of and one should be able to talk freely about sex and the importance of protection. When we have oral sex and come in contact with one another’s genitals, chances of contracting an STD increase which is why it is a good idea for you and your partner or the person you hook up with to get STD tested in Singapore.


Impact of the Disease

The disease impacts many young individuals the most. Majority of people who regularly have sex with multiple partners or hook up regularly under the age of 25 are hit the hardest and that is why it is important to always be careful before agreeing to engage in sex with someone as well getting tested on a regular basis. Young females who have sex regularly are more likely to have Chlamydia. It is important to get tested in order to get the right treatment.

The epidemic has impacted many people throughout the world, with the world becoming more liberal and people engaging in sex more frequently, it has become more common to get an STD and that is why one should consider getting STD tested in Singapore.  We all deserve to enjoy a sex life which is safe and healthy for us. Having sex releases many chemicals in the brain such as dopamine and make us feel better.


Choose the Best STD Center in All of Singapore

STDs are more common than one might think and it is not a taboo topic to talk about anymore. As the Singaporean society progresses, such issues will come into light and that is why if you are leading a sexually active lifestyle, then you should consider getting tested for STD on a regular basis at the best STD center in all of Singapore.

There are various STD packages to choose from. The Gold STD test and STD treatments are provided in line with the best international standards. The treatments are approved by the Health Sciences Authority.

The STD test is conducted privately and in a confidential manner so that you have nothing to worry about. The doctors are highly trained and qualified in detecting, treating and even managing STD. The STD is detected through urine test, blood test and test on any infected region.


Various Services Are Provided

The STD center and clinic provides you with STD tests, Herpes testing, Chlamydia testing, syphilis testing, and other STD tests. You can choose anonymous testing to protect your identity. The doctors and team of workers have a non-judgmental approach to dealing with clients and that is why you should not worry about having to explain any personal or unwanted questions.

The center all types of services when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. Once you visit the clinic or center, you will immediately feel that you are in capable hands. The doctors are highly professional and will guide you through the entire process. Since, most people who have HIV take 10 years to develop any serious health issues; it is a good idea to get tested regularly from the moment you start to become sexually active.

Your sexual health is very important and that is why it is important to get tested for STD. The center offers affordable options for people and that is why you should consider getting tested if you are sexually active. It is good for you and your partner to get tested together.