It requires some serious skills to cook the perfect egg, first you have to break it in a way that you don’t mess it up, and then you have to put it on the pan in a way that it takes the perfect shape, it’s supposed to take. The point is that cooking an egg can be a big deal for a lot of people and on the other hand, your egg can actually make or break your breakfast. On top of it, there are different ways to make your egg, you’ve got a lot of choices but each choice comes with proper handling of the egg and proper cooking skills. You can have your eggs scrambled, you can fry them up, you can make an omelet out of them, and you can even eat them hard boiled or half boiled but again, you do need some tips to cook the perfect egg.


Now, one of the most important things to consider while cooking your egg is the heat you are giving to it. Mostly people mess up the eggs because of their traditional cooktops that either heat up the pan too much or they don’t provide enough heat which is why we’d always suggest an induction cooktop. With an induction cooktop, you’ll at least know that you are giving the pan the proper heat it needs for your egg to be perfect.


You can even search on the internet for the best egg cooker to make your eggs delicious and more scrumptious every morning. However, if you still need some assistance and tips on how to cook the perfect eggs then here’s what you need to do;


1- Check the carton’s Julian date

Know that fresh eggs are always the best in taste and on top of everything, you can even cook them up easily and quickly. A lot of people usually do not consider this factor which is one big mistake so if you really want to have the best possible taste every morning then make sure to buy fresh eggs or just notice the Julians date of your carton and make sure that it’s as close to the current date as possible.


2- Cracking the egg

As said earlier, this is the hardest part and you clearly don’t want the eggshell to drop into the egg which is why the wiser thing to do is to separate the egg into two different bowls. Never make the mistake of directly cracking the egg into the pan especially if you aren’t a professional. Separate the egg yolk and separate the rest of the material in another bow and then together put it exactly on the pan where you want it to be.


3- Use butter

Especially if you want your scrambled eggs to look and feel a little airy then make sure to add some butter. We aren’t asking you to cook it in the butter all and all, in fact, all you need to do is to put at least one tablespoon of butter inside your pan, and there you go with your perfectly cooked scrambled eggs.


4- Stir properly

If you are having scrambled eggs or an omelet, just make sure to first stir your eggs properly and make sure that the yolk and the egg white is all mixed up well. This tip will surely help you in making your eggs look and taste better.


Use these tips and we assure you that you will see some improvement in your egg cooking skills.


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