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If you intend to start a business in The Netherlands, then like any other country there would be some considerations which you need to know. It’s good news that the Netherlands is considered to be a hot spot for startups. Let’s have a look at some of the following tips given be experienced holders which may help you in starting your dream business in the Netherlands.


Firstly, check that whether you fulfil all of the requirements to stay in Netherlands or not

To start any business in any of the new countries, first, you need to fulfil the conditions as a member or a citizen by verifying your identity and qualifications because it would lead to the process of the permit, visa, etc. Plus it would help you in categorizing yourself as a temporary or a permanent resident, in whichever category you fit in.  You may have thought to start a business at any stage of your life, maybe you are currently unemployed or a student. Maybe you are having a business already and wants to work on another startup idea or any other possibility. In all kinds of situations, you need to know some important considerations before starting your venture in the Netherlands. Let’s have a look at the following:

  • The first possibility can be this that you want to expand your existing business to the Netherlands and there’s no intention of bringing a new business here. So, for this, you would need only a new branch office paperwork to start and transfer some of your good and here you go. Shipping goods and parcels to Netherlands is common place and usually not prohibitively expensive.
  • The second possibility is an innovative startup idea for which you need to qualify any of the startup incubator’s competition being conducted in the Netherlands. Once you qualify it, you can easily get a good amount of government funding for it.
  • The third possibility can be this that you are doing any job in the Netherlands, but want to set up a small business of your own as well. It would require some strong legal paperwork where you would have to sign a certain contract, some agreement and have to obey some clauses of the term of employment. Once you get done with all these formalities then you are good to start the business but make sure you don’t disagree to any of the clauses mentioned-above like there are certain rules for it which an owner has to follow. For example, in the start, you can only hire 10 employees at a time until an extended period, etc. So, you would have to follow these.
  • The fourth possibility can be when you are currently unemployed and start a business from scratch in the Netherlands. The government would give you a certain trial period to prove yourself and register yourself. You may reclaim that opportunity afterwards if you fail.
  • The fifth possibility is to do business as a student entrepreneur while you are studying at any of the college or university in the Netherlands. Rest of the rules are same as of the startup case.

One thing more you should separately as well that whether your qualification meets your business criteria or not. Normally, qualification has nothing to do with the business, but in some specific niche you need to have some considerable knowledge of the domain so, always make sure you have that required information.


Secondly, select your best-suited legal structure

All of the business owners should have a basic understanding of legal structure which best suits with their business. A private limited company, a startup and a one-man business company; all have different legal structures which suits their individual requirements, etc. so, one has to know what to do when issues like taxation, liability obligations occur and how to tackle them.


Thirdly, select a good business name and get it registered at Dutch Tax Administration and Commercial register

Select an appropriate business or trading name which your suits your niche and is suitable to attract the customers. After fulfilling this step, get your company name registered at the Dutch Tax administration and Commercial register office which would issue you an appropriate VAT number, your id for Chamber of commerce and other relevant ids needed for paper work. Not only would this even it help to get yourself register as an employer for the social security offices and payroll taxes.

Then, ask the zoning plan authorities for a considerable business location

As your business name affects hardly on your business, similar is the case with your business location as well, so make a wise choice after meeting with some good zoning planning authorities who know which location suits which niche of business. These zoning planning authorities don’t only help you with the location, but also help you in making your workplace safe for future employees as per the country’s standards and laws. It may include the fire safety precautions, emergency exits, etc. Similarly, if you are seeking a location to run a home-based business, then it should be in the knowledge of zoning planning authority so they can release a permit for it. And it includes some relevant taxes with it as well.


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